Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Lebanese have Knafeh for Breakfast

The Jordanians have always showed their surprise from two things the Lebanese people eat: Knafeh sandwich, if we can call it so, and raw meat (Kebbeh Nayyeh).

They can hardly believe that ,here in Lebanon, we have Knafeh for breakfast or even for dinner as a main meal and not as a dessert, after the Knafeh is put in a special peice of bread, we call it Ka3ket Knafeh.

Those who visited Lebanon must have seen this, but mostly didn't like the idea and didn't think of trying it. And those who heard about it find it strange and almost unbelievable.

I haven't eaten Knafeh since maybe a year, I usually don't like to eat sweets in the morning, but today, I passed by the sweets shop and had one.

Ka3ket Knafeh

after the first two bites


You have to try it, believe me.


Dead Man Walking said...

al wa7ad lama yekh6ob 3endko be7alo al 3alam sandoweshat knafeh? :-D

Rana said...

i can't imagine eating knafeh 3al sobo7 :s
ma bakoon shayfeh el daw el sobo7 to eat a huge anmount of suger :eek:

your mom's eshar mn2a6 abyad w aswad :p?

Nana said...

Dead Man Walking not really :D
ba2lawah is is more popular when it comes to hay el 2esas :p

Ranooosh see? here's another jordanian finding it strange to eat knafeh 3ala el sobo7 :p

no, it's a jacket habool :p

SimSim said...
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SimSim said...

2eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :$ eating knafeh in a sandwish ?????

Dar said...

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwz , i heard my father saying that he used to eat that , bs for god sake , eat some real food !!

Ola said...

lol I don't think I would eat that, but I love knafeh and I love bread so I think they might taste okay :D But I don't mind knafeh as a breakfast, I did it more than once :D without bread!

wedad said...

Dar by the way its a very delecious sandwish, i ate it when i was in lebanon 2 years ago :)
try to put knafet 7abibeh in a delecious bread from lebanon.. you can know what that mean !!
actually ana shbe3et b3d ma akalet robe3ha,, sooo kter dismeh!!

7ala said...

Knafeh Sanwich ?!!! 7aram 3lekom ya nana :)

Any way in Nablus in Palestine some people eat knafeh with bread so ana ma esta3'rabt :-)

Sa7tain 7bibty:P

Nana said...

SimSim and Dar, come on guys mish la darajet el ewwwww ya3ny!
it's food w ma beseer ne7ky 3aleeh ewww :)
simply, you're not used to eat this kind of food. I found sanyorah and labneh a very strange mixture when put in a sandwich, I mean what the heck? labneh and sanyorah together?!! (p.s. sanyorah is a kind of mortadella that is not found in Lebanon and the lebanese have never heard of it).

I do not eat that, but i won't feel disgusted and go ewww for sure.

I also found eating falafel for breakfast a very strange habit. We eat falafel for lunch here.

Nana said...

Olalol, yeah, I remember u saying something about knafeh eno u like it kteer w hek :D
you gotta try it w ma ra7 tendamy, believe me.

Wedad, so u tried it?
yes, it's desmeh, that's why i said I haven't eaten it since like a year or so, but it is YUMMY!!
and by the way, it's a special kind of break or Ka3ek, we call it ka3ket knafeh as I said and not a sandwich :D

7ala thank you :)
knafeh b khobez? hmm, well, could be, but as I previously said, it's a special kind of bread made especially for knafeh, and not ordinary bread.

I bet you'll change ur minds when u try it (H) :p

Eve said...

yummy, yummy, shahayteeeeeneh :)
(al ewww al :P )

Anonymous said...

Very pretty design! Keep up the good work. Thanks.

Nana said...

Eve, ana 3arfeh 3annon!
Once they try it, they'll change their mind ;)

Anonymous said...

ana baheb el knafeh kteer wather there or here knafeh bta3tene power boum el soubeh laekoul i feel like i am gana die bc if i dont eat gnafeh i feel like i can fly so yala knafe knafek knafe ana baheb el el knafe kteer lol

Nana said...


alibaabaa said...

i am from jordan and i did try it and it was good, but what is better is drinking MLOKHEA in the morning! try it and pray fro me.

Moey said...

ya3ni shu 3amte2harini :P
btw, I lived 4 years in beirut, fern el shebbeik, and also in achrafieh :)

I miss liban, j'taime :(

Diana said...

Ali Baba: hahaha :p

Moey: ma 3am b2aher 7ada :D
it's just your craving knafeh reminded me of this post :)