Saturday, May 20, 2006


For the first time in her blogging history, Nana has been tagged!
I was tagged by Ola, and so were Rana and SimSim. I, in my turn, want to tag Islamic Chocoholic, I wanted to tag Raeef too, but Rana proceeded me.

5 people who top your shitlist, and why
beside the American and the Israeli leaders , Bush and Sharon on top of them, there are:
-a relative of mine, for being very nosy and unbearable.
-Walid Jonblat, for being a hypocrite.
-Haifa Wehby and her likes, they're very vulgar, impolite, and disgusting!

Close brushes with death dangers:
I recall three incidents.
- I drown in a river when I was young.
- I fell in Jeita cave, death was a few centimeters far.
-The other day when my car slided.

5 Guilty Pleasures
-eating too much chocolate
-torturing a naughty impolite unbearable student by making him stand at the wall for the whole period or something
-spending too many hours surfing the net.

5 Things you never want to forget:
-My first visit to Jordan.
-When my nephew was born.
-my graduation day.
I'll edit if I recall more.

5 Things you wish to forget
I missed this btw, I've just noticed it.
-my parents divorce.
-my dad's illness and death, and the bad days accompanied with them.
-some stupid actions.
hmm, what else? can't think of more.

5 really exotic dishes you have tried:
-Msakhan. one of the most delicious dishes I've eaten in Jordan.
-Turkish Potatoes.
that's it i guess...

5 crushes/loves in your life… in chronological order:
5 marrah wa7deh?! la2 2aleel kteer
I think it was once, when I thought that I loved my ex fiance.

Strangest dream you've ever had
I dream a lot. The strangest are those who come true the next day.
A dream that I can never forget is when I opened the door of our house, and I saw the Holy Kaabah located right there.

5 most valued personal possessions
-my car
-my mobile, since it's a gift from my brother, and it holds lovely memories.
-my books
-The Quraan Mom brought me from Hajj.
-various souvenirs from my dearest friends.

Thank you Ola. LOL @ the three musketeers. Rita, too, used to call us so.


Rana said...

LOOOL ana 7akait el bent o'3ma 3alaiha :D
thanks for the nice tag diana ,enjoyed reading ,what i hated most in the Wordpress in there are no colors :rant: :wa3:

and LOL @ raeef..i am fast (H) and so clever..ah i can't say enough about me LOL


Rana said...

ah nseet a7ki sha'3leh..mbare7 et'3adaina msakhaM :P

Nana said...

Actually I was surprised Rana :D
I enjoyed it though.
Knight told me that one can't change the colors in wordpress, so I think I'll stay here and will not move :p, ma3 eno Raeef is encouraging me to.

yes you are smart and fast, emta la7a2ty tektby comment, I've just published the post :D

sa7teen Ranooosh! eb3ateely shway :$
I enjoyed ur tag as well.
Waiting for the third musketeer to answer her tag :D

love you girls, mwa7!!

Ola said...

LOOOL did she? khalas then thabtat 3alaikom :D

SimSim said...

still no body told me what should I Do :shy:

Rana said...

wak i did :@
answer the questions and pass them to some one you know..a blogger
3refti keef??

Abed. Hamdan said...

meeeen akal msakhaaaan, er7amoona, etjeeboosh seeret el akel, e7na 3azzabeyye ya jama3a :(

SimSim said...

3refet rana to'9robeesh :shy: