Sunday, November 19, 2006

I'm flattered!!

While I was trying to keep myself busy with anything that would keep me away from preparing the science test for grade two which I don't feel like doing at all, I decided to check out technorati site and ended up making an account; me likes to try anything new 8-)

Ok, let's see what do we have here, hmmm blogs that link here, what is that all about?
aaah I see, a list of all the sites that have links to my blog . Cool! I already know who links my blog, but I found something quite interesting, hadn't I registered to technorati I wouldn't have known about it at all.

Ola, you gotta see this :D. It was posted in blogher by someone called LDW.

[In the wake of 9/11, more silence than sentiment from the Middle East

I have been looking through my regular reads of women bloggers in the Middle East lately to see whether, to what extent, and how the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 were noted or observed. I haven't seen much.
Several of my English-language favorites in the neighborhood are up to date on their blogs, and generally can be counted on for insight into the world's machinations – but, for whatever reason, chose to remain silent on that infamous day. These include
Freedom, Bayehha, and the Egyptian Chronicles (from Egypt); Cinnamon Zone and Natasha (from Jordan); Lisa Goldman (from Israel); Nana and Laila (from Lebanon); Sara (Syria/UAE); and Mother under Occupation (from Gaza).
But you know something? On the fifth anniversary of 9/11, I didn’t have anything to say
on my own blog either. The day I could find no words, I was in good company.
Yet there are those in this region who dared to frame the day with their thoughts.


Regardless of whether they spoke about the anniversary, the links in this post to the Middle East-hers I have noted are all very much worth following. I also am looking for some new faces in the crowd . . . any tips? ]

and here's another one where I was mentioned:

[On the first anniversary of the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Al Harari in Lebanon, NaNa recalls the terrible day when "the scene of the Valentine's Day turned from the redness of love to the redness of blood." From Egypt, Freedom posts a powerful picture from yesterday's demonstrations in Beruit and links her comments from over the past year on Lebanon and Syria, and on Egypt's role in the whole mess. ]

Yaaay, this certainly made me happy :). LDW, thank you so much for noticing my blog and for the encouraging words you said about it :)

Ola, the girl wants the recipe of mjaddaret el borghol, I thought of delivering the message :p


Dar said...

Ya 3ami fi naaas wasleh . That always feels good .......... meeen hai mjadaret el borghoul ! awal sam3a !


Nana said...

aah ne7na nas wasleh 8-), 3anna site for women bloggers only, ento ya masakeen u don't have Bloghim , na na na nanaa :p

enta ma bta3ref mjadaret el bor'3ol? ne7na bna3mela and I like it very much!

Abed. Hamdan said...

yallah mnee7, 3almo el ajnabeyyat 3al mjaddarh wl msa55an..bte5demo el wa6an wl toraath

Dar said...

No ma ba3rafha , wala mara sme3et feeeha , hada el blogging adafli ma3loomat jdeedeh !


Anonymous said...

Mjadarat al bourghol pretty easy,you have to remember that there is a lot of versions,mine is this way:
Boil 1 cup lentils with 2 cups water,they should be cooked half way. Add 1 cup of bourghol khishin,there should be enough water in the pot to cover all,add salt and let boil for about 10 to 12 minutes. while they are cooking fry some onions with a mix of olive oil and canola until they are brown and mix them with mjadara.It it best served with Cabbage salad made with "Lots" of garlic,salt,lemon juice and olive oil..Enjoy
I hope this is what you are looking for.


SimSim said...

zwhat is this site ?

and why my blog is there ?? loool ana walla maa badawer wala elee da5al bedenyeeh loool

Nana said...

Abed LOL @ you, yeah mish '3ala6 :D

Dar ma3lomat qayemeh jeddan 6ab3an :p

Nour Oh, how sweet of you, really :)
I hope LDW is reading this :)

SimSim I added ur blog, ebset ya 3am :D
ana ba7eb aktashef ashya2 jdeedeh dayman.

SimSim said...

cooooooool :rgs:

u rock :P

Anonymous said...

kal 3adeh Weddo comes and understands nothing about this blogs world :D o links o msh links o add o msh add

bs y3ni fhemet el ma3'za mn el post :D Cool :P

Nana said...

SimSim, I do? 8-)
yeah, I added ur blog to my favorites there.

Weddo, LOL, you'll understand all that soon lama tende3ky shway bi 3alam el blogs :D