Monday, November 20, 2006

Two Invitations to Visit Lebanon

Marathoners get ready to race for the love of Lebanon

Only a week remains before the 2006 Beirut International Marathon (BIM), when over 18,000 runners will take to the streets and run "For the Love of Lebanon," this year's marathon mantra. Signs for the marathon already hang all over Beirut, runners' registration is closed and as the Beirut Marathon Association (BMA) reaches its organizational finish line, Mark Dickinson, the marathon's managing director, sits calmly and speaks proudly about his team's efforts.

Precisely 18,487 people representing 50 nationalities are slated to run - or walk - on November 26, including 500 who have committed to the 42-kilometer marathon.

The Daily Star.

Fairouz In “Sah El Nom”At Biel Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of December 2006

The Baalbeck International Festival is pleased to announce the re-programming of the musical comedy ‘Sah el Nom’ starring the diva Fairouz. The play will be presented in Beirut at BIEL Friday the 1st, Saturday the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd of December 2006. This decision confirms our faith in Lebanon as well as our determination to accomplish our cultural mission.
Ticket sales will proceed as follows:
Those holding tickets for the July performances in Baalbeck may exchange them at any branch of the Virgin Megastores as of Friday the 3rd of November 2006
As of Wednesday the 8th of November, the public will be able to purchase tickets at any branch of the Virgin Megastores.

Baalbeck International Festival


Ammar said...

aje? :-D

Anonymous said...

I love marathons o 5ososan eza b Lebanon :D eb3ateeli invetation :P

I like this kind of activities that have a nobel aim! jad nice

great, are you going too :P? :sc:

Nana said...

Ammar ta3a w la tejy wekzoob 3alayee
(a song by Fairouz for those who don't know that :p)

Weddo tab yalla ta3aly, I like them too but I don't think that I'm going, ana ba3mel de3ayat 3al fady :D