Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I'm on Jordan Planet? Yippyyyyy

Yay, what a surprise! I was away from the net for a couple of days, and I've just found out that my blog has been added to Jordan Planet thanks to Dar's comment (I usually check my blog before checking my e-mail).
So, now I'm officially a Jordan Planet citizen,Cooool! what an honour! Thank you guys, I really didn't expect my blog to be added this soon, especially that it's only lately that it has been a bit more active than before.
I can see that Ola's and Dina's blogs were added too *Nana waving hello to them*. beeb beeeb can you see me?

Jordan Planet staff, thanx again, ya3teekon el 3afyeh :)


Rana said...

hey Congrats!!
am so happy for you alot , you blog has been quite interesting lately , and you r efforts are noticable nana.
when Dar commented i ran to the JP and checked the list, beacuse i was sure i did not read it under Diana , i searched again did not find it , thought about tulip run a search again..NO ma fi!!
wainik lakan??

6le3ti there b esem nana :D and i totally ma shofto.

LOL 7akait kteer, congrats again and bestest of luck (F)

Dar said...

Wallah eno ana mneee7 , h3 :) Mabrook again


Ola said...

MabrooK! ana weyyaki nafs eddof3a :D

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

nana ani komaaaaan sirt jordan blanet.. 7aseh my life has been upgraded somehow!!
mwa glad u & ola are ther too now

mwa *hug jama3I*

abu_shakuush said...

lololoeshshsh.....mabrrook...maybe me one day too!

Weddo said...

esh y3ni hada :P?

ma 7ada yodrooooooooooooooooooob

Hala said...

Congratulations Nana :)

Nana said...

Thank you thank you beoble, 3o2bal 3and wladkon:D
Rana fada7teena, tab balky I don't want to reveal my real name which is Diana?!!eh! :D
3ad I applied there as Diana, bas yemken la eno I use Nana here, fa 3ashan hek...

Weddo lama tekbary ba7kelek :P, 3ala fikra I tried to send u the video I told u about, bas el connection 3andy zeft kal 3adeh,ma zabat. fa sorry, I'll try to send it later.

Weddo said...


walek am almost 19 :mob: sho 3aib 3alaiki :-o tell me yalla... jad I have no idea what you're talking about :D


o no problem (f) bs awwal ma yozbot jarbi eb3ateeh please law b3d alf saneh! i'm interested in watching it.

Thanx for trying bebeee :hug:

Dead Man Walking said...

mabrook ya 2albe :hug:

SimSim said...

mabrooooooooooook :rgs:

I am still waiting if they will accept me or not :P

Nana said...

Weddo, I forgot:$
it's a short part of the interview anyway.
tayeb ra7 ajawbek w amry la Allah, Jordan Planet howe kawkab jdeed ektashafooh bil fada2 :ch:, and all the weirdos like myself were accepted to go and live there :P

3amoor w samsoom, than u my dears.

Nana said...

woops, I meant thank you

Weddo said...

tb congratulations :p