Saturday, November 04, 2006

What's with Souls and Bloggers?

Vibrant Soul, Oriental Soul, Euphoric Soul, Soul Blossom, A Window to the Soul.


Weddo said...

lol never noticed that :D

You all are spiritual ya5waati

Ola said...

Baini w bainik the word itself sounds good! in English and in Arabic

Hala said...

Hahaha never noticed :)

I agree with Ola, the word has such a positive sound to it.

In my mind, it is connected to hope and faith. Something with a spiritual side, like Weddo said.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

doul bas... what abt lady? arab lady? lady D? midnight lady?

fil air kolna tu7aff :P

ezayik ya gameeeeeeeellllll! *winks

SimSim said...

walla never notice :D I don't remember where I got it from :D SimSim ma zaba6 2olet yalla Oriental Soul lool yen3aan 3omree ana 3aromansyeeh looool

Rana said...

LOL ana kaman ma intabahit!!
we are souls searching for others souls to solace us and befriend us

i don't know why i changed my blog to euphoricsoul?? :S absar shu kont bafaker w2et.ha!!

bs nice observation!!

Happy love said...

e7em :cool:

Bo3Bo3 said...

my type of soul is soul food :)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

n@n@ batoota isma3eee can u send me the html ta3it how to link to jordnaplanet? andthe othe links lol ya3ni mush 3arfeh keeef :S

pweath.. pwetyy pweath send them to me so i can coby baste wa arayi7 rasi :)

have a great day ya gamar mwa

Dar said...

Mabrooook , kol 3am o enti be 5eir , azdi welcome abroad , plz take yr seat and put on yr seat belt and start blogging as much as u can :)