Saturday, November 25, 2006

Poor Lebanon

The streets looked very gloomy and lonely yesterday on my way to school in the early morning. For some reason, the scene reminded me of the day I returned back from Jordan in August after the cease-fire. It feels exactly like visiting someone who has been seriously injured and humiliated, and seeing him in this state hurts you deeply.

I didn't feel like going to work, didn't feel like teaching... after spending two days doing nothing but watch TV, read newspapers, and ask my mother about so many details concerning the civil war. I had to form a clear idea about the background that led to the political crisis the country is living in these days. History is repeating itself. The same conditions that caused the outbreak of the 15 years civil war are imposing themselves today. With all the political and religious conflicts that the leaders are unable to reconcile, the situation is becoming more and more critical and dangerous.

While the situation was already boiling and people were afraid from what might happen, Gmayel's assassination came as a blow to the whole country. It was like expecting a slap yet receiving a bullet!
And of course, the politicians did not miss any chance to take advantage from the so called funeral to gain the people to their side, attack their opponents with their cheap show off speeches. Shame on them!

The whole country today is divided into two big factions thanks to the Lebanese "nationalist" leaders. They managed to create an atmosphere of sectarian and political hatred and racism among the Lebanese. Now the Shiite is afraid of his Christian neighbour, and the one who supports the opposition is afraid of his brother who supports the government! I have loads and loads to say bas ma fi faydeh min el ketr 7aky... Aslan I don't know why am posting this, I don't like to talk politics min aslo. Politics, especially in Lebanon is a headache and more like a maze.

On a second note: I cancel my invitation to you to visit Lebanon. Stay where you are and enjoy the priceless feeling of safety that we lack here....


abu_shakuush said...

insha alah things will get better. i do not like to blog about politics! but sometimes i can not keep my mouth shut. i can not help it. i have to say something about what is going on, even though no one might give a dam about what i say!

Anonymous said...

No, come on don't loose hope,we are relying on you.
How can we enjoy what we have here from security to stability and all else if our home and our loved ones are not safe.No matter what I do nothing comes full circle,happiness is not complete not to mention the guilt.Am feeling tortured because I know how it feels to be now under these conditions facing the unknown , I have witnessed it all,and I discovered that the scars are still fresh.

Stay safe and keep writing.

Talasim said...

All of lebanon

Nana said...

Abu shakuush
same here...
I hope things will get better, I really do...
thank u :)

7abeeby, it saddens me to hear that you're feeling like that :(
I know that those who live abroad are tortured even more than those who are living here, always worried and afraid...
I'm not losing hope, but till now, nothing is promising lel asaf :(

Talasim thank u, I've just noticed after I replied to ur post that it's an old one , during the summer war I think, now Lebanon is facing another dangerous situation, let's all pray and hope that this crisis ends peacefully.