Friday, December 08, 2006

2awlkon Nana ma3 meen?

X: Nana, whom do you support? March 14 or March 8 Forces?
N: March 30 :p
X: Come on, I'm serious.
Y: I think she supports the government; she's Sunni you know…
X: Yeah, but she is Palestinian, and Palestinians in general support Hezbullah!
Y: Yet, she has the Jordanian nationality, which may make her support Sanyora government. Jordan made its stand very clear!
N: ....
X: come on tell us, enti ma3 meen?

N: keep guessing guys :-)


Rana said...

i too agree with you Nana , march 30th party rocks!!!

bs inti m3 jama3it 12 el dohor wila 6 el masa?? :S

today's siniora's speech was very powerful , i liked it alot.
lebanon is ahead of so many arab countries when it comes to politics and dimocracy , but i think the timing is very bad..lebanon needs to be build up again to face such a situation.

Nana said...

lool, ana ma3 jama3et 4 ba3d el dohor, 7all wasa6 :D

I got you, I now know which party you support, enty ma3 jama3et 3eed el 3osha2, ops I mean 14 shba6 (a).

SimSim said...

wallaa ba6alnaa ne3raaf ma3 meen nwa2ef stand alone a7san ana mesh ma3 7adaa :D

Nana said...

same here Simsim, el3ab wa7dak tejy rady :D
The situation is vey confusing, and the people are literally LOST.
I have a lot of things to say about this issue, but I'm hesitant.

SimSim said...

nana: well to tell u the truth I have no time to watch news when I get home I prefer end my night watching a moviw :D so it will be very helpful if u talk about it cuz I always supported 7ezbu allah and now I really don't know what is going on .... who is right and who is wrong :S

Ola said...

ma3 el7akam :D

Nana said...

ok simsim I'll think about it :p
actually I started writing something, I don't know if I'm gonna post it or not because it's very long, I'll have to edit it.

Ola, laaaaa2 da5elek, ma bta3rfy eno el 7akam byakol telteen el 2atleh? :D

Averroes said...

I think she's with jama3et the 86th of Mayctober, Ahmad told me!

Diana said...

AhmeT thinkTH THo? Maype he'TH Light