Sunday, December 10, 2006

أحلى المرّين

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A couple of people blamed me or drew my attention, to be more precise, to the fact that I blog about Lebanon more than I do about Palestine and Jordan, to the extent that some thought that I'm Lebanese. Shame on me I know, but come on, I live in Lebanon, bi qalb el 7adath ya3ni, and the latest events impose themselves that I cannot think of anything else to talk about. So, I can't be blamed, at least for now, can I?

Anyway, let's shift to the main issue…

Being non-Lebanese, I think that I can look at matters more objectively than a Lebanese citizen who belongs to or supports a certain party does, and who is more likely to look at matters from one perspective and follow his leaders blindly in most cases.

Since the assassination of Rafiq Al Hariri, things in Lebanon are becoming more and more complicated and confusing, until they reached this critical level. Those who intended to destroy the country, by getting rid of Al Hariri, apparently achieved their goal; and those who were trying to implant the seeds of hatred, sectarianism and bias among the Lebanese, obviously succeeded. Alas…

The followers (because they are far away from being leaders) of Lebanon are leading the country to the abyss. In a country like Lebanon, with the variety of its sects and religions, things cannot be solved this way. The only way to get out of this crisis is by dialogue, by understanding and cooperating, by love and care for the country and its people, not by selfishness, stubbornness, hatred, and protests. None of them really cares for the benefit of the country and the public, their own benefits always come first. Lebanon will never achieve its independence and sovereignty and stand on its two feet as long as its "followers" are nothing but pawns in the hands of certain countries, and consequently will always be living under some foreign domination. And eventually the poor public is the one who pays the price, as always.

Both the opposition and the government have dragged their supporters into a frenzy of sectarian animosity that is translated into violent verbal and physical attacks. Both of them have sunk into a very low level in their speeches whether in addressing their supporters or their opponents. The sad part is that the religious personages have also been dragged to this low level, and instead of hearing them calling for peace and love, they became an inseparable part of this vicious game, inciting the people against each other. Our Sheikhs, with all due respect, but Shame on you :)
If I were Lebanese, I will stand alone, I will be neutral. But if I had to choose between "a7la al morrayn", I will definitely stand with the opposition forces. Why? Ok let me tell you...

If I were to choose between between: 1-Samir Geagea, Foad Al Saynora and his ministers, Walid Jonblat, and Saad Al Hariri, and 2- Salim Al Huss, Omar Karami, Osama Saad, Nabih Birri, Hasan Nasrallah, Michael Aon, Sleiman Franjeyeh and Talal Arsalan. I will choose number 2.

If I were to choose between 1- the theif, the hypocrite, the dishonest, the criminal, the cheater and the kiddo, and 2- the honest, the patriotic, the loyal, and the nationalistic. Number 2 for sure.

If I were to choose between 1- the American (-->Israeli)+European domination, and 2- Iranian+ Syrian domination, I'll go for number 2.

If I were to choose between : 1- Israel's right to live in peace and kill the owners of the land and 2- Hezbollah's right to defend its land, its people and its freedom. Number 2 will be my choice.

If I were to choose between the one whose weapon killed thousands of the Lebanese innocent people and the one whose weapon was directed only towards the enemy, I'll choose the second one.

Not to mention that I hold a big admiration for Al Sayed Hasan Nasrallah, and I truely think that he is one of his kind, a respectful wise man, although he has been acting "unwisely" lately, I still love and respect him.

Anyway, these were my two cents, let me not go into more details. It's hard to predict where this crisis is leading to, and how they are going to put and end to it, who will win, and who will score more goals. Stay tuned :D


Amjad said...

Who would blame you for being concerned about what happens where you live?

Nana said...

tell them :D