Sunday, December 10, 2006

أحزان شجر البطاطا

Wait a minute, a7zan shajar el ba6a6a? what is that supposed to mean? The title made me think that I'm hallucinating or something. It's very funny :D

I stumbled across a7zan shajar el ba6a6a and I wondered how did you came out with this title Sharifo? What were you thinking?

and yet another funny blog, hilarious tags, check it out.

لبنة - حمص - مخلل - فول - فلافل - بريق شاي - ملبس علوز

Yes people, these are tags/labels/categories :D

thanx for the laugh guys.


aya almusa said...

sharifo bmooot b eshee esmo ba6a6a ya3nee YOKADES EL ba6a6a ya3nee law te3soro be6la3 meno ba6a6a brdo :D he is a great guy and he is sooo funny...

Hourani said...

Why you dont pay a visit to my blog? huh

SimSim said...

كل مرة بزور موقع شريفو بقرأها أحزان شجرة البلوط ما بعرف ليش

wallaa bejee 3ala balnaa ashya2 '3arebeh :D

ola said...

LOOL yeah I came across that blog lately! dammoh 3asal b9ara7a :D

Sharifo said...

very funny...great guy...baloo6??...dammo 3asal..ana ma ba2dar 3ala kol el dala3 hada !!

etfaja2et lama shofet el post mbare7..wel sara7a itkasafet ino ma konet a good visitor to your blog..bas inshalla mal7oo2a :)

Nana said...

LOOL, la hal darajeh? :D

Your blog looks funny too.
I have to revisit when I have time :)

LOL, shajar el baloo6 makes more sense, but ba6a6a never grows on trees :D

Yup he is :)

You haven't answered my question :D
yalla 7ada sa7e7loh yetdala3 w be2ool la2 :D
ahla w sahla feek anytime u wanted to visit the blog :)

WEDDO said...

Me too me too :D

I like it sooooo000ooo0ooo much :D

Mona said...


b2ale shaher (even more) baje hon, bs modawwanet el2ostaz sharifo alhmtne akteb comment :P

men adaaaaaak !!
hala2 ma fe 3ndo wla 7abet ba6a6a w7de :S

Nana said...

hay 6le3et popular kteer w ana mish 3arfeh :D
Weddo kaman likes your blog kaman, meen 2addak :D

Mona, Hello :)
ya ahlan wa sahlan

abu_shakuush said...

Thank you for putting my old alibaabaa blog as funny, my new one is:

Nana said...

Yeah, I noticed that abu shakuush and Ali Baba are the same person. :)