Friday, January 05, 2007

Excuse me!

"I am sorry if innocent people were hurt in the operation in Ramallah "
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

Commenting on what happened, the BBC says: "Israeli military vehicles cleared Ramallah's streets of traffic "!!

How impudent and disrespectful!

You know what? They are right in making fun of us, they are right in treating us like fools, to kill us, destroy the cars and the houses and everything and afterwards come to say oops we are sorry! Oh, how sweet of you Mr. Olmert, you don't have to worry at all :)
We are fools because at the time this was happening, the Palestinians were busy killing each other. How pathetic!


Qwaider قويدر said...

When your job is to polish rotten apples everyday to make them appeal to the masses (in other words a politicians) who knows what kind of junk that would come out of their crazy minds!
But at any rate, what's happening is extremely alarming and something should be done immediately to stop it

Trust me, Olmert is going to get a lot of heat from ultra orthodox goons who will criticize why is he sympathizing with the enemy!

Aadi said...

repeat after me everybody:

Fuck the Israelis. May they burn in hell.

And if I ever hear anyone say not all Israelis are bad, I will shove my boots up his ass. WHO GIVES A DAMN ABOUT THE 1%.

Anonymous said...

The saddest part is everytime the world turn on us, we turn on each other.Iraq,Palestine and Lebanon are perfect example and we are not learning anything.


Sami Majed said...

sadly enough, you already said it, we were busy killing each other... I am from Gaza and I've never heard someone thrown RPG on a Palestinian house before Hamas came to government... I am totally against the corrupted Fateh party (although there are a lot of clean Fateh members), but it's Hamas that always preaches about Islamic values, unity and the sanctity of the Palestinian blood, yet they're taking a good portion of the Palestinian blood today... I was always sympathetic with Hamas leaders like Dr. Abdelaziz Alranteesi and Sheikh Ahmed Yaseen, but the nowadays leaders in Hamas are athirst for the authority rather than the good of the Palestinian people. Gaza was the swamp for Rabin and his army and now it's a swamp for the Palestinian... I hope to wake up someday and find no Fateh, no Hamas and find only Palestinians who fight "Israel"... We don't need democracy, we need our land, we need Jerusalem, Haifa, Yafa, ... we need our refugees back...

Diana said...

I agree with you all.

What irritates and saddens me is that we never saw this coming, we never imagined that the palestinians in specific would ever fall into the trap of partition and direct their weapons towards each other instead of directing it against the enemy, instead of standing united hand in hand against all the vicious plans that aim at destroying the country and plant the seeds of animosity among the people.

Since when the palestinian becomes his brother's enemy. Since when the palestinian blood is shed by palestinian hands?
Can we blame the Israelis now if they killed us, if the palestinians themselves don't give a damn anymore, will the Israelis do?