Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Teachers chased by Paparazzi :P

Sometimes, kids' spontaneous reactions when they catch sight of their teacher in some place are really embarrassing. Unless the teacher is lucky enough to manage to hide from view before she gets caught.

A teacher goes to have dinner out with the family or with friends, and while she's enjoying her time, she suddenly hears someone calling her name "MISS DIANAAAAAAAAA. Hey MISS DIANANAAAA." and all heads turn towards her simultaneously.
Ooops! How embarrassing! Now everybody knows that she's a teacher, and that her name is Diana!!

A teacher is walking peacefully in the mall when out of a sudden she sees someone waving from a distance and screaming: "WOOHOOOO, MISSS, MISSS DIANANAAAAA ." And of course everyone turns to see who this Miss Diana is. OH NOO, not again!!

The moral of the story: A teacher must disguise whenever she wants to go to any public place so that she doesn't get recognized by any of these little troublemakers!


Summer said...

When i was young and if i saw a teacher of mine, i would hide behind my mother and sneak a look at my teacher!!
When I was a kid I had the impression that my teachers were out of this world!! Never thought of them as regular people or they have a life and family or they even eat and drink just like normal people. I used to think that my teachers were angels from heaven or devils from hell!!
Be happy that kids these days have an open mind about their teachers and they know that they are normal and go out to eat with their families!! If I were you I would smile and say hi back!! Maybe even introduce the student to your family or friends too.
Have a great evening.

Mnosh said...


Teachers = V.I.P !

I don't think so :P

Qwaider قويدر said...

It could be worse, they could be shouting your cell phone number in public :)
LOL ... the little angels :)

SimSim said...

once i saw a kid shopping with his mother I did my best to hide so he won't see me :D but another time a kid saw me with his mother but he was whispering something to her I don't know maybe he said this is the wicked teacher i told u about looooooooooool

sharifo said...

he3 he3 he3 he3

3ad ana konet men el students ele befda7o el asatza...
sarrat marra bel 3ahd el 7adeeth kaman ( bel jam3a )

Salamat :)

Qabbani said...

lool , NO Privacy

Weddo... said...

LOOOL da77akteeni :D

Diana said...

I hid from my teacher once, and I thought that he didn't see me. On the next day however he told me in front of the whole class that he saw me hiding from him, and everyone laughed at me.
well, of course I smile and say hi back but sometimes they are just fdee7a lol.

Do u have any doubt 8-)
of course we are :P

lol, mish la hal darajeh :D
it's enough that they made them know my name and my occupation!

looool, you wicked!

troublemaker :p

at all :D

glad that I made u laugh sweets!

Anonymous said...

lol.. I love it when u talk about ur students.. they are interesting :d

Once we finished the Eid prayer this ad7a.. and while i was chatting with my friend whome i havent seen for a while, boom, my teacher :s
she ran to me : how are you?
I (wondering): metzakkertini ya miss?
she(smiling): 6ab3an,man yansa areej?
yes, she taught me arabic when i was at 10th grade..
she (proudly): hathehe ebnati fa6ema :)

it was embarassing too.. enno u dont know what to say when u have to leave and just cant do it :s

7abbeetha though :o

Diana said...

I just love it when I meet an old teacher . I don't hide anymore :D
but of course I don't run after them yelling the way my students do :D

glad that you liked it Arooj (f)