Sunday, January 14, 2007

I miss you, I truly do !

I've grown exceptionally passionate about my students lately knowing that I will leave them soon and God knows if I will ever see them again. Browsing my flickr photos album , I came upon a picture that put me in a state of melancholy.
It's a picture for Sally and Jana who were two of my favorite students. I used to love them deeply for they have all what one wants of a kid.. smartness, cuteness and politeness.

Sally and Jana didn't return to the school this year. Since the end of the war we've heard and known nothing about them. I've not forgotten them but seeing their picture today made me think about them intensively and wonder where they are and if they're OK or not. I hope that they're safe and sound wherever they are.


Averroes said...

Ammar (Khateebha),
Get this woman out of that scbool..she's done.

Diana (Khateebto),
I'm sure they're fine..eating some jello probably.

Qwaider قويدر said...

I don't understand why you need to leave your work to get married. Why not just continue to be employed while married. Especially during the first part of the marriage.
God bless you and your loved ones

Diana said...

Ammar (Khateebha),
Get this woman out of that scbool..she's done.

This woman still has to wait till the end of the school year :P
I'm sure they're fine..eating some jello probably

I hope so :)

It's not about leaving my work, I'm leaving the country.
Thank u, bless you too :)

Qwaider قويدر said...

well ... since quality teachers are in short supply, maybe you'll pick up where you left in the new place you're going to :)

Weddo... said...

Hope they're fine now! don't worry :hug:

ola said...

hope they are both alright!

Qabbani said...

:) hope things go alright

Diana said...

thanx Qwaider for describing me as a quality teacher :D
I'll continue working inshallah bas min wain ajeeb wa7ad metel Ahmed masalan? :-(
I will miss them.

Weddo, Ola and Qabbani, I hope so, thank you :)