Friday, January 12, 2007

It's Ahmed's Birthday

I put that star on his forehead during the Math period.

Ahmed and Duha, the cutest couple!


Qwaider قويدر said...

Awwwww, how cute ...
HaBBy Pirsday Ahmad :)

Averroes said...

LOL..The dude is haven a paaaartéééééé, wid his homies and his lady! how old is he? eleventeen twelvty two?

Dead Man Walking said...

ana sheklo sar 3ende dorrah :-D

Averroes said...

check out the 3rd picture, with that star stuck to his forehead..the dude looks as if he was just sworn in as the new prime minister, with his ministers behind him..and of course the celebratory cake.
tollona lil watan!
get ahmad to form a government! he'd bring peace..peace of cake!

Rebecca said...

Those uniforms are the cutest!! How old are these kids? K5?

Anonymous said...

wow.. how cute.. bejannen esmallah 3aleeh.. diana u r a perfect teacher.. love you.. i want u to be my teacher lol :)

happy birthday 7amadah ;)

ola said...

kol saneh w howweh salem! LOL@ DMW!!

Weddo... said...


happy birthday

aslan bayento happy :rgs:

bedi zai hada el birthday :wa7ad besaffer:

An Oriental Blog said...

Happy Birthday a7mad :D lol he's so cuteee

Mnosh said...

Party without me :mad:
kol sene w howe salim ya rb, 3o2bal 120 sane zy 20 Inshalah :)

ne7na ma 3ena uniformes 3'er in high school!

Diana said...

thank you all, I'll make sure to pass ur wishes to Ahmed tomorrow :D

I didn't know that it was his birthday so i didn't get him anything. I went yesterday however and bought him a nice toy. I hope that he'll like it.

Rebecca they're 5 years old, KG2 :)

Ammar (khateebi), LOL, ba2ollak let's adopt him :P

Ammar (mish khateebi :D), you know what? I had to wait a few moments until I stop laughing and then write this comment. The tute ith fife yeaLth olt.

Areej LOL, ta3ali, in what class would u like to be? KG2 or grade 1? :D
love you too sweets, thanx.

sorry we should've invited you :D.
ma 3andkon uniforms? weird!

Qwaider, Weddo, Ola and Dima, yes he is so cute 7abeebi. Thank you all :)

Averroes said...

Diana (Khateebto),
You were laughing at ahmad's assumed age?? lah..wait till you post something else about'd probably need to sit down for that!

Diana said...

Actually I was laughing at the second comment, looking at the 3rd picture and imagining Ahmed to be the prime minister with Hashan and Hushein(imitating Duha) and Zeina his ministers!

At least Ahmed will bring us peace of cake while the prime ministers usually bring us nothing but more taxes and depts.

Long Live Ahmed

Averroes said...

True..but you know what Ahmad's Political Bloc is called right? see you have the 14th of March have the 8th of March people..I think that's what they're called..ahmad decided to break the he formed "The 48th of Neeshan group"

They're holding a big demonstration in sa7et el shuhada soon..demanding the election of more tandalloos to parliament..and flying pink elephents.

Diana said...


Now I knew why Ahmed was absent for two consecutive days :(
I wanted to ask him what does he think of the TaL (car) that I got him on Monday :( and that I refused to let him open at the school.

When he guessed what's in the present and knew that it was a TaL, he asked me : ba2mella heet bil Lemote Tontlol? (ba3mella hek bil remote control?). I laughed and answered: No, unfortuanately it doesn't have a remote control!

I hope that he is ok. El saf mish 7elo bedonoh wallahi.