Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Look

What's with this obsession in changing the look?
As one flips through the TV channels he finds shows on women (and even men) changing their looks everywhere, Beauty Clinic, The Swan, Change my life (ghayerli 7ayati), Anti Ajmal, bil sara7ah a7la etc etc.. and people going through a number of plastic and cosmetic surgeries, too much pain and so much stress, this doctor is cutting here and that one is filling there, until eventually they find themselves artificially beautiful!
As one walks in the streets he finds women with bandages of all shapes and sizes on noses, necks, around the heads and everywhere... What's going on?!


Luai said...

I personally see nothing wrong with elective surgery.

And no matter what people claim, outer beauty does count for alot and surely does factor in how people are treated.

sharifo said...

maho soo2 "Jamal el roo7" ba6al mashi..hala2 soo2 Ruby ele mashi...


An Oriental Blog said...

I guess people, and especially women, are feeling competition with all those pretty celebrities. I believe outer beauty counts, but it can be achieved without going under the knife. Nice blog, I love your students,especially a7mad!:D

Averroes said...

Ahhh..the wonderful world of crazy stuff goes usual..unusual!

Did anyone say Ahmad?? where is he?? I think that cat with a dashing smile is his! see milk does make your teeth stronger afterall..ask ahmad..and smiley the cat.

Jad said...

yeah, what's going on for god sake, nothing can be better than being natural, I even would go further and ask girls to stop bloating their faces with make up

Averroes said...

On a more serious note..well..imitation of programs on Western networks is normal..people copy each other, its human nature..but here's the catch..vanity has to be equalized with genius on the other side of the proverbial coin, now this is already the case in the west, they've got their weirdos, their body part celebrities..but they also have Nobel laureates..thousands of them..their medicine researchers, their artists, their playwrites, their novelists..etc

We on the other hand, have superstar and haifa -madame courie-wahbi.


Qwaider قويدر said...

It's all about "extreme" these days!
If they create a reality show about people committing suicide and call it "Extreme Living" you'll find people standing in line for it ... like Super Star

Anonymous said...

Well, a girl can dream.. I can never go under the knife for a nip and cut. May be a fresher look, newer hair due, just some little changes where people can still recognize me after am done.
On a lighter note, your post reminded me to check my "list" and on it: "color hair", I don't even remember when I wrote this :)


Weddo... said...

[When you can't have your right in working just coz you're not that gorgeous and not in style (celebrities style) and when you're so desperate and your self-esteem starts fading, one of those surgeries will change your life.]

I guess this is how they think about it! after all it's their bodies and they are free to do whatever, but they all end up looking alike.

bardo a minor make-over (zai bel sara7a a7la maslan) won't kill anyone, it feels good doing something new for a change!

Diana said...

Outer beauty does count for sure, we can't deny that. and it's very important to take a good care of our outer appearance and go for a little change every now and then.

What's wrong in my opinion is being too obsessed in having a "perfect" look and go for surgeries not necessarily for correcting something but just bcuz it's a trend and bcuz I want a nose like Haifa's and a mouth like Elissa's!

I know that one gets more satisfied and more confident when he looks prettier but is it really satisfying when he looks at the mirror and see the image of someone else and not his even if this image was fascinating, is it really satisfying when he knows that all is fake?

I don't know but I'm against resorting to plastic surgeries except for solving some serious problem.

Diana said...

An Oriental Blog
thanks dear :)

Dima and Ammar, I've just posted pictures from Ahmed's birthday.
I was also trying to upload a video in which Ahmed is singing Tollona lil watan lil Ola lil Alam (kolona lil wa6an lil 3ola lil 3alam), but the internet connection is very slow unfortunately :(

Anonymous said...

Really this is noisy! it s all men's fault.. they kept nagging and nagging they want super (beautiful) women! and women only seek for men's attention so that they get more and more stupid to go along with men bcoz they want to feel wanted.. this is absolutely one of the worst results of empty spiritual life our ppl have..

el7amdellah 3 kol shi :)

Diana said...

I loved what you said loza, so true..
What bugs me the most is when an ugly fat man keeps nagging that his wife gained a kilogram or two or that her hair doesn't look perfect today and silly stuff like these. ettala3 3ala 7alak bil awal :-D