Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lebanon Today

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Qabbani said...

that's really bad :(

Summer said...

I am so sad for all whats going on there....i hope i can get back to beirut on Sunday with no problem!!

Averroes said...

Those who don't learn from the mistakes of the past, those whose allegience is to anything but their own people, are condemned to misery.

our hearts go out to the innocence lost..physically..and mentally.

Dima said...

What can we say... let's hope for things not to get worse...

Qwaider قويدر said...

This is soooooooooooo sad!!
The government should have resigned long ago. But they're holding to the chairs with dear life and willing to inflame the whole country in civil war just to remain in power. That is just the opposite of what the government should be doing

For god's sake ... stop this madness!

Abed. Hamdan said...

يالله معليش, هاي ضريبة الحرية

انشالله انو الحكومة بتقلع وبيرجع لبنان بلد الشرفاء

Weddo... said...


Allah yehdeeehom bs

take care of each other dear :o

Anonymous said...

Averrose, I agree. the government of Lebanon should stop putting American and Israeli interests above Lebanon's interest and should take immediate steps to STOP excluding large chunks of Lebanese citizens just because Uncle Sam does not like Shiites in lebanon or Iran (but likes them in Iraq) The opposition has every right not to be excluded after decades of systematic exclusion and marginalization. Enough is enough.

Averroes said...

My comment works both ways..anyone who answers to other than their own people..whether it's to their east..or to their west..will be used..and disposed of when they're done with.

Anonymous said...

Averrose, there is a fundamental difference between Iran's agenda and US and Israel's agenda and those who support each.

Iran is ideologically and morally committed to Jerusalem and considers it a best case scenario for Arabs to win the conflict.

US and Israel are ideologically and militarily committed to Jerusalem, and consider it a best case scenario if Jews are victors and Arabs are defeated and transfered out (hence the jewish settelements and Western de facto approval and arming/trading with the jewish state)

I cannot for the life of me understand how some people do not see the difference between an Iran that bankrolled the Arab resistance first victory over Israel's "mighty" IDF and the US who bankrolled the Israeli slaughter of over 1000 innocent Arabs in Lebanon (dont get me started on Iraq), not to mention the cluster bombs that will keep killing innocents.

Once has to be a Takfeere sunni or a beneficiary of regime makruma to consider Iran and Syria a threat to arab causes.

Averroes said...

One simple note..

The Illusion of Knowledge is Far more Dangerous than Ignorence..I say this to myself..and to you.

Sharifo said...

el sara7a mesh 3aref eish a7ki..
sarat zai el dawama ele bta5od kolshi 7awaleha, we e7na doing nothing..mesh 3ashan ma bedna, bas 3ashan mesh 2adreen,
Be3een allah, we berja3 Lebnan zai ma youm bedha terja3 falasteen wel 3eraq..
Inshalla kheir

Anonymous said...

Averrose, so I guess you have no rebuttal and no logical come back.

The Mo said...

لا حول و لا قوة الا بالله
الله يفرجها ان شاء الله

Diana said...

Anonymous, chill out please.
you make it sound like Averroes attacked a party and sided with another where he was talking in general.
I totally respect your point of view, and his.

The strike is over, and I'm going to work, so I will be back inshallah.

Have a Good Day all.

Diana said...

it is :(

It's back to normal now. I wish you a safe trip!

you said it all. Thank you!

I hope so, thanx.

I believe that both of them went mad, whether the opposition forces or the government.

Whatever the solution is, we want a rapid and a good one because we've fed up, khalas.

ameen, thanx sweetie.

Diana said...

I started to doubt all the lebanese politicians intentions, I doubt that any of them really cares about and works for the benefit of the country and it's people. Kol wa7ad Allahoma as2alak nafsi.

Anonymous: I agree with you in many points though.

I won't go into details because I said what I think of the whole situation in some post, besides I'm too depressed to talk bi sara7ah.


Diana said...

The Mo:
I'm sorry I missed your comment.

ameen, thank you :)

Hala said...

What is happening is really sad. I feel angry just looking at the pictures. Allah y3een hal nas.

When is all that going to end?

Keep safe!

SimSim said...

OMG .....

ya3nee shoo bejee 3ala balee a7kee bheek mawqef '3eer yaa ret-haa Israel dallat b lebanon t7areb 7ezbullah .... eshe 3an jad be7azen :(

Abed. Hamdan said...


We need a "good" solution, and It might not be rapid but let's hope it ends soon. Everybody wants decent people and this should be a permament solution.

Israel quit from lebanon in 2001, but after the withdrawal of their armies, they came back to lebanon politically, they should be kicked forever.

Be patient,
ان الله مع الصابرين

ensha2allah bethoon

Diana said...

Hala and Simsim:
It is very sad, and it's getting worse with each passing day :(

Israel has always been there, but its presence strengthened after the assassination of Rafiq Al Hariri, I can see that his assassination benefited no one more than it benefited Israel.
We wanted a peaceful solution but apparently this is not going to happen without bloodshed :(

Abed. Hamdan said...

of course, nothing is for free. 1.4 Billion Dollars from USA & France to support the current government...

Diana said...

hehe yeah, and they're happy. mish 3aref el sha3eb sho na6ro bi hal war2ah el esla7eyeh min darayeb w ghala as3ar.