Wednesday, March 21, 2007


- An apology to all my friends. I want to apologize for being away all this time, for not being there when you need someone to talk to.. for not signing in to msn messenger for months.. and no I did not block any of you :P. You know.. I miss you terribly.. but I'm just ma3joo2a shway these days, I think that you will understand, won't you? :(
I'm not spending much time online the way I used to do before, I'm usually too tired to stay for more than 5 or 15 minutes on the internet, and chatting usually makes me stay for hours :D. Let alone my sucky internet connection that always disconnects during conversations. It made me hate to sign in to msn messenger.
Anyway, thank you for asking, calling and staying in touch, I appreciate it, really :).
love you all.

- Another apology to those who send me e-mails to join certain forums or groups or sites I don't even know what they are all about. I apologize for not being interested and not even having time to reply back.


SimSim said...


MQabbani said...


wish u all luck : )

Summer said...

hope you will be back online and blogging more, i do miss reading from you. have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

really Diana u have been missed.. i kept on checking your blog but u wre not active lately :hug:

Allah ywaf2ek ya rab :hug:

Mystique said...

u're so sweet :hug:

Allah y5aleekon la ba3ad inty wo ur friends :)

Oriental Arabesque said...

apology accepted.. :smily 3am y6ab6eb 3ala rasek:


we missed u around :)

Rana said...

we dont miss u at all. :p

Hala said...

LOL @ Rana, you are being missed ^_^

Anonymous said...

just do not do it again :-)

O said...

Bless ya Diana :give: :)

Sharifo said...

aaaa wallah,
Great that you are fine,
Miss ya too.


nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum.

Just surfed into your site.

I am a Canadian Muslim writer. Come by insha'Allah if your up for some reading.

Ma'as salaama,

nuh ibn

Diana said...

Thank you all :)