Sunday, April 01, 2007

Breaking the Silence

I haven't been thinking of anything to blog recently, I haven't been around and my blog has been dead since a while. So, I thought today of breaking the silence with some personal updates.

I've been busy doing so many things.. the vicious circle of tests that never ends, preparing tests, worksheets, revisions, correcting, filling the evaluation cards, parents' meetings, yada yada.. and lately preparing for the spring school concert that's going to take place next Wednesday. Ahmed will dance dabkeh :D. So stay tuned to see pictures and videos.
The social visits that were often being postponed due to the bad weather are to take place now since el donya rabee3 wel gaw badee3. I also suffered for a few days from severe pain caused by my wisdom teeth. I'll have an extraction surgery on Thursday and another one sometime later. I couldn't eat or swallow anything, and guess what? I am back to eating cerelac :D and I don't mind at all, it's yummy! :D

In addition to all this I was and still busy shopping :D , taking advantage of the sales, buying some of the 1000 things that I have in my shopping list.. ending up buying extra things that are not included in the list.. Girls never get enough, do they?
Mom says that I need a bag for my shoes, another for my handbags, a third one for my pants, a fourth for my skirts and dresses, another for my accessories, perfumes and makeup, a bag for tops and jackets, and one for my books and magazines , etc... :D
Ammar will definitely y6aleGni, I can imagine his reaction... o'3man 3alaya o'3man 3alaya :D

I'm also spending sometime checking the wedding dresses, accessories, bridal stuff, shoes, clothes, perfumes... The Lebanese designers make the best wedding dresses ever. Check Rony Richa's for example. I don't like classic dresses, I prefer the wedding dress to be something very special and original. I may end up getting a classic wedding dress though.

I may go to Jordan next month, and no this is not April fools' :p. hmmm, sho kaman? That's it I guess.


MQabbani said...

first Salamtk :)

o ba3deen wish u all luck .. i hate shopping ..

good luck in ur stuff and buy a BIG bag's

Abed Hamdan said...

welcome baack...yeah your wedding arraaaaab :DD beltawfee2 :D :D

Anonymous said...

الحمد لله انك بخير
Happy shopping..Those wedding dresses from the link you provided are beautiful..I like the ones that goes down really slim and then widen at the is hard to choose!!

Mnosh said...

welcome back, salamtek, y36eke el3afye, sho kman :D

I hate SHOPPING ! :cs:

Oriental Arabesque said...

hey welcome back :) and yaay that must be very exiting (girls just adore shopping) :D

inshallah tethaani :)

SimSim said...

ya36ekee el3afyeeh sweetie :hug: hope u r fine now mwaaah

and WB :rgs:

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

ya3teke el 3afyeh.. this must have been a rough time at work! I totally understand the wedding part! I am buying and buying forgetting that i have bought a lot and i just love to add more to the new collections im getting :) its too much fun and i have the money.. hehe.. i am almost donw with my home and i am working on the wedding plans for now and it is really exciting. how much left for your wedding?

Jood said...

salamtek dear :hug:
I love shopping :l: mot3et el 7ayah !

allah yetamem 3ala 5air :hug:

an oriental blog said...

we missed you!! I suggest that u share with us details el shopping for ur wedding. w every dress u like, u have to post its picture and we vote on it. It's gonna be so much fun:D:D

an oriental blog said...

manoush: You HAVE to like shopping, it's not a choice :P

Diana said...

Allah ysalemkon w y3afekon ya rab, thanx!
ma32ool fi 7ada byekrah el shopping? I LOVE it :D

Mrs. Al Ramahi: bil tawfee2 inshallah. My wedding date el mafrood eno in August, we may postpone it a little bit though.

Mais: I've been laying in bed since Thursday after the extraction surgery, la shopping wala ma ya7zanoon :(