Sunday, April 08, 2007

Look Who's Back

It's Ahmedddd, 7abeeb el sha3b! Isn't he the cutest Bedouin ever? :D

and Duha.

Duha: mish ya mish, min wain jaybeh tanoortek?
El Mish: hehe, leh? 3ajbetek?
Duha: 7elweh kteer, min wain jebteeha? min Shaida?
Me: ah, min Saida
Duha: lama ekbar w etejawaj badi jeeb metla.

You can see more pictures here. I couldn't take any picture for the concert because taking pictures was fobidden.


Summer said...

your posts about your students are always fun...thanks for sharing.

MQabbani said...


sho 3andkom 7aelefh Forokroryieh

Qwaider قويدر said...

Welcome back ... the pictures are so CUTE :)

Hala said...

LOL @ etjawaj :P Cuuute :D

Good to see you Nana :)

Jood said...

how cute they look :l:

Mnosha said...

3njd enhen cute.een KTEEER :)

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

sooooooooo cute!

Wedad... said...

hehe law ana ba3'aaar mn Ahmad :P

nice and sweet! afham haik eshe mn ur busy schedule ensha6ab :P

glad it went great :D

Oriental Arabesque said...

they're so cute :)

Sharifo said...

hehehehehehehe....That's cute !!
we belmarra madam seret marer...
Hi !!

*!~Faith~!* said...

I loved going through the pictures. Masha'Allah they're such cutieeeeeeeeees!!