Saturday, April 28, 2007

Eat Nonstop

Remember the SALTS times that I told you about ? Well, I'm having these times nowadays. I'm eating tooooo much and never get enough, not only salty food, but all kinds of food mostly chocolate. I'm IN LOVE with chocolate.

Problem is, the more I eat the more I lose weight! Strange! I don't understand why is this happening. Every time I tell myself "hey watch out you will gain too much weight", I find out that I lost a kilogram or two, and people keep telling me : " leesh hal 2ad na7faneh, are you on diet or what?" On diet? Me? Yeah right! :D

What's bothering me is not that I'm losing weight, (which is worrying me a little bit though) but that most of my clothes are getting too loose that I can't wear them anymore :(
ya khsaret el ta3ab, everything that I bought lately doesn't look good on me anymore. I think I should go shopping once again, no? :D
Chocolate anyone?


bara2 said...

hal2 ana ba3taber ai 7ada bakol w ma bensa7 bene3ma .. that means u are in blessent girl .. 5ososan elshokolata .. ymmmmmmm ... it's my weakness :P
anyway the problem is not in our bodies but in our clothes ..:)
el7a2 mo 3lena :P

Mnoosh said...

btakle w ma btensa7e (la2 bted'3afe) w z3lane???!!

i7emde rabek w ro7e eshtre 3'er clothes :P

Emily said...

Yeah! I'm not the only one. Last year, I began eating way too much chocolate (two full size bags of M and M minis per week to be exact) and I lost 5 pounds!! The problem is that I tend to just eat chocolate and not be hungry for meals.

Dead Man Walking said...

meen bet7ebe aktar ana wala al chocolate? :p

MQabbani said...


:) ba5ooooooooooooooor ya walad,

sho bedk te3mali in both cases u need to GO SHOPPING :P

Qwaider قويدر said...

WOW!!! sa7tain ... nyyalek!!!
As for me, if I eat anything, I know exactly which love handle it's going to land on... aaah .. swap with me.. ??
I think not!

Yalla .. sa7tain .. and be worried that you're losing weight :)
Mahsa2allah ... allahumma la 7asad

Hala said...

NO FAIR! Diana, are you saying that I should eat a lot of chocolate to lose weight? :P

Sa7a, you continue to eat chocolate as I continue to live without my sugar-full soda :D

Oriental Arabesque said...

this happens to me when i fall in love! :p lol!!

wallah seriously, when i do i tend to lose weight boosts your metabolism in a weird way!
well maybe because your mind is busy with millions of things so you're just burning those calories...
don't worry and enjoy while it lasts :D :D
it's a blessing ;)

sharifo said...

Bas ba7eb a6amnek ino el wazen ma bedee3....some how it goes in a time gaza !!
iam not eating and gaining weight !!

Hmmmm...stop eating be7yat allah...daba7tene !

Anonymous said...

May be you are not eating enough chocolate!!! lol...
If you have no health issues to worry about, I mean you are not dizzy with headaches,extreme fatigue or something like that, then you are loosing weight simply because you are burning those calories mentally and physically and you have a perfect metabolism...I think you are looking for reason to shop again ;)

Take care..

Diana said...

LOL, I agree it's something to be envied for :D. I wish it lasts forever.

Ammar: 3endak shak?
el chocolate 6ab3an! :D

kidding :P

Sharifo: Yaay the more I eat the more you gain weight? eza hek ra7 5aleek tseer 2ad 7seen el jasmi :D :P

SimSim said...

i want some chocolate ...

shakleek betfakree b eshee or 7adaa ? :ch: loool

Diana said...

indeed Simsim, 3am bfaker feeki :$ :D