Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Advice of the Day

Never get too immersed in reading a magazine while having your hair cut at the beauty saloon. In most cases, you won't like the result.


Ammar said...

So basically you have a crew cut now? :D

Jood said...

loool :d

shekelha m5abseetlek be sha3rek :d

Diana said...

LOOL Ammar, yeah kind of :$ :D

Wallahi ya Jood khabasat kteer w ana wala hon, I didn't like it. I want my hair back :'(

Abed Hamdan said...

الحلاق تبعي معندوش مجلات

Шαғα said...

LOOOOL looks like someone had a bad haircut , Allah be3awed :(

Manal O. said...

Oh ur absolutely right! been there b4! mseebeh lol :D

Anonymous said...

and don't start any conversation with them either :D

Mr Rbcs said...

at mine he insists to put old magazines (from 1999,2000 ),so i am wake up to him and i WATCH HIM .

Diana said...

Abed: good for you :D

Wafa: minno el 3awad w 3aleeh el 3awad :(

Manool: we live and learn :D

Noura: yeah, that's a good advice too.

Mr Rbcs: you better, or you'll end up regretting not watching him :(

Wedad... said...

bdi a2os sha3ri :(

o na3eman berja3 betwal :P

Oriental Arabesque said...

seems that it's hair disasters week :p

i had a horrible highlights the other day! i told the hairdresser i want them in honey shade and asked him to avoid any shade that is close to red, well the final result was:

my highlights color was: copper!!! ...waaaa3

i had to go color it again in 2 days and now it dark brown!
i mean VERY dark :'(
i can't do any highlights b4 2 weeks now!!

Diana said...

Weddo: na3eeman salaf :D

Mais: oops, I hate it when this happens! yalla u have to wait two weeks, I have no idea how long I'll wait until my hair grows long again. :(