Saturday, May 26, 2007

Quote of the Day

"We must struggle for our dreams, but we must also know that, when certain paths prove impossible, it would be best to save our energies in order to travel other roads."
Paulo Coelho
Like the Flowing River


Mnoosh said...

ya5te had Coelho sho 7akio mazboo6 :s betflsaf kter bs sa7 :/

Anonymous said...

of course!

but the point is how could you lose that hope that this road is possible and decide to believe it is impossible?
sometimes one likes to close eyes and decides not to see :)

SimSim said...

walla I started to have a faith that for me every thing is impossible :(

nice Quote ...

sharifo said...

ela lama tkoon gazawi...betanne7 we bte7lef 6alageen we yameen ino bedak to take this path...we betmoot trying..( a3mal eih..howa ele keseb )

saba7 el kheir :D

Wedad... said...

la2 bedo yseer possible 3'asben 3nno :D

Anonymous said...

mr RBCs

I agree with Loza,how i know that my road now is impossible one .
If i try in it for some distance ,i will lose time and effort.
and, if i stop now,i will afraid to regret sometime in future .

Abed Hamdan said...

absolutely !!

Feras othman said...

nice quote ..!

ok here is another one

"destiny it what it is !? or what we want it to be?!! "

think about it :)


Anonymous said...

We ran out of dreams and energy..I wonder what's next ??

Hope you're OK.. Keep your chin up, and save your energy for the road you will take soon :)

Diana said...

Manoosh: lol, betfalsaf? eza badek :D

Loza: well Arooj, sometimes u keep fighting and fighting for a lost cause,u waste ur time and energy, and finally reach nowhere, u should know that choosing that path was wrong in the first place, it's not meant to be, and it's never too late to start all over again.

Simsim: never lose faith :hug:

Sharifo: lol, hay meshkletna ne7na
masa el ward

Weddo: te3jebni eradtek wa endefa3ek :D

Mr. RBCs: you will reach a point when u find urself unable to continue, and you end up abandoning this path to walk the right one.

Diana said...

Abed: Yup!

Feras Othman: hmm, both?

Noura: Some people thought that there's something wrong going on that made me post this quote. Actually I only came across it while reading the book, I pondered about it and thought of posting it, bas hek :o)

vagueraz said...

nice Quote ... :)

vagueraz said...

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Hope see u on my Blog ..

Diana said...

Thanx vagueraz :)

Jaafar said...

But at which stage do you find out that it is impossible to reach it?

Wouldn't we waste more energy by starting a new project?


Diana said...

better late than never.