Wednesday, May 23, 2007

لـيالي الشـمال الحـزينة

I am speechless, I really don't know what to say. We've been hoping for things to get better since more than three years. Yet, things are getting worse and worse each day. The people were already concerned about the situation and the growing political tension in the country. The clashes between the Lebanese Army and Fatah Al Islam extremist militants only came to add oil to the fire, not to mention the two explosions that hit Beirut over two consecutive nights.
wa ka2ano kan na2esna Fat7 Al Islam!! Where the hell did these people come from? And how did they let them gain a foothold in Lebanon? Why didn't they stop them before they settled and started messing around, before they brought death and destruction on innocent people?!! Was the bloodshed unavoidable? I blame both the Lebanese who allowed this to happen, and the Palestinians who permitted these terrorists to live among them.

I'm so mad. I feel so sorry for the innocent victims, for the Lebanese soldiers and the poor Palestinian refugees who were killed and whose homes were destroyed, na2eson ta3teer. I feel sorry for this beautiful country, she bebaki 3an jad!
I hate the feeling of insecurity that's been living within us since years. I hate to see the streets empty except of tanks and soldiers and security forces. I hate to see this anxious expression drawn of all faces. I hate the fact that we're not able to sleep to stay tuned for any breaking news. You know, even at school, at the end of each period we all ask each other: sho el akhbar? sar shee jdeed?
w ba3deen tayeb? Damn it, we've got enough, khalas bekafi :( effftttttttttt
Edit: while I was typing this, an explosion hit Aley, mount Lebanon.


Summer said...

I know how you feel exactly!! add to that the third explosion that took place in Alay!! where is this taking us all???

Wedad... said...

This is so sad :(

kol el denya 5arbaaneh! sho t2ooli 3alli beseer b Palestine... o 3ndkom
eshe be5zi

Allah ye7meekom :wardeh:

Mnoosh said...

allah y7meke :$

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

enough of war and crazy actions..more and more terror, in all the possible ways :(

InshaAllah peace will revail..SOON..Take care

Diana said...

Summer: Stay safe, let's pray that this ends before more innocent people get killed.

Weddo: thanx sweets, she bye5zi big time.

Manoosh: thanx honey

Amal: amen to that :(