Sunday, May 20, 2007

What Begins in Fury Ends in Shame

Speaking of embarrassing situations, the other day on my way to school, I was too much of a hurry to notice that I blocked the road when I was supposed (out of courtesy) to leave a room for a car to pass instead of letting the man wait until the traffic clears.
The man got really MAD that he rolled down his car window and shouted: "EL 7A2 MISH 3ALEEKI, EL 7A2 3ALY A3TAKY DAFTAR EL SWA2A!!!" In Lebanon we say daftar el swa2a instead of "rokhsah" (It's not your fault, it's the fault of those who allowed you to carry the license).
I was shocked! It was the first time since I started driving 4 or 5 years ago that someone says such a remark to me! I found myself yelling back at him in English : "GO TO HELL!!"
The man apparently didn't understand what I said. He got even more angry and shouted: "SHOOO??!! SHO 3AM BET2OOLI?!" (What? What have you just said?!). Maybe he's french educated or something, and I really have no idea why did I reply in English, it just came out spontaneously, maybe I couldn't think of anything in Arabic to say. What was I supposed to say anyway? ya 7ayawan, wella e5ras ya 7mar? :D. Go to hell mo2adabeh aktar, lol.
I ignored him and went on my way. I wasn't in the least offended for I knew that I did nothing wrong. I humbly consider myself one good driver who follows the rules and knows perfectly well that safety belts and flashlights aren't there for decoration, nor the signs are there to decorate the streets .

At school, when it was time to go home, I heard a teacher saying that her husband was coming to pick her up. As I stepped out of the building, I caught sight of a man who sounded familiar, and suddenly an uneasy feeling crept over me. I couldn't explain the feeling at first, but when I saw the car I recognized that it was the same man with whom I exchanged insults that same morning. He was my friend's husband!
I stood there stunned for a few seconds not knowing what to do, then I rushed back into the building pretending that I forgot something. I knew it would be very embarrassing for both of us to face each other. So I chose to avoid the embarrassment for a while, at least until he forgets all about it :D
I told a friend about the incident, she said that this man works with the Lebanese internal security forces, ya mamaaa :O
So, in case i disappeared suddenly for unknown reasons, know that I was found out and put in beit khalty, w ma tenso tjeeboly 3aish w 7alawah :D


SimSim said...

walla u were a good friend looool ra7aat 3alekee 5alas looool

diana what is going on in lebanon ? leesh bet2ataloo ?

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

loooooooool! this is funny.. but u did the right thing by avoiding him so you can avoid embarrassment..

I hate some people who say rude remarks.. when they say realy BAD words and curses!

benjeblek 7alaweh wala yehemmek..e

Oriental Arabesque said...

loool ya 7aram....shu hal 7az 2eli 2elek!!!

benjeblek '7araz la tshekeelna jazadeen kaman :D :D

Anonymous said...

If anything he should be ashamed not you..Whatever you do am on your side !! but I agree it would have been awkward to meet him face to face..

On a side note, is everything OK where you are?? working as usual??
Take care..

Diana said...

lol, simsim 3am tetra7am 3ly :D
well, ask them :D

Amal, yay ma a7sanek, I'll be thankful :D

Mais, lool, shayfeh ballah, mish bekafi eno tele3 my mate's friend, kaman bil amn el 3amm.

Noura, well, here in the South everything's OK, under control so far. but we people are no OK. zhe2na, fa2a3et mararetna. ya rab ten7al very soon :(

Summer said...

really embarassing i think!!!
be careful that this guy is not watching out for blogs he might get to yours!!!! take care!

and life goes on... said...

haha.. well I think the hiding thing would last for a little bit longer!! Or maybe you should tell your friend so that you won't be put in an awkward situation later.. saying 'oh that was you' kinda thing ;) Just avoid him for a while !! :D

Jood said...

looool :d
allah 7amakee :ch:

Ammar said...

From the looks of're probably the safest you'll ever be knowing that guy works for lebanese internal fe security wala you're ok!

you're much more in danger if the guy worked at Barbar shawerma!

Diana said...

Summer: lol, I don't think so :)

Dima: Thank God, he doesn't show up anymore :D . He must has forgotten all about it by now.

Jood: hehe, fikrik? :D

Ammar: la security wala batata, heidi heye :(

Anonymous said...

LOL that is really emberassing :D

but if i were you, I would be brave and say hi to the man :D I dont know why i lost the "feeling emberassed" thing :???: lol..

diana your stories are nice and interesting :hug:

mr Rbcs said...

(thx u make me laugh....i didnot laugh from .... i donot know from when)
But not be afraid ,u have many readers who will defend u.
and take care

Diana said...

Loza: i can say hi to him now, akeed he forgot all about me :D
thanx dearo

Mr. RBCs: I'm glad to know that this story made u laugh :)