Thursday, May 17, 2007

* B!rThDay G!rL*

On a beautiful spring day like today.. 26 years ago.. I came into this life.

Had I formerly known what life is like outside, I would have rather changed my mind :p

Rana was the first to call and wish me a happy birthday. She is a month younger than I am, and liked to have an idea beforehand on “how does it feel to be 26?” :D

Well, Ranooosh, to be honest, I haven't felt the 26 years passing by, I don’t see myself as a 26 year old lady. My age stopped at 20 :D Seriously! I don't know why.. but I feel younger than

I really am! I don't sense that I've existed in this life this long, and that I've done much.. I still have a whole life ahead of me.. so many things to learn.. so many things to do.. so many dreams to follow.. and ambitions to achieve. I'm too optimistic, eh?

Nothing's behind this positive attitude other than believing that life has always been unfair to me, and one day I'll be compensated. And of course I'll put my effort and faith in everything I do to deserve the reward and attain my dreams.

On my birthday, I want to thank God for the many blessings He granted me, for helping me in every time I needed Him.. for granting me patience and faith.. for having some lovely people in my life.. even though they might not be around.. I know they're there and will always be..

I want to tell mom , my fiance', my family and friends that I love them, and apologize if I've ever been mean or rude to them, I've never meant to hurt any of you you know..

I don't have much to wish for.. I only have one wish.. PEACE.. all I want is to live in peace. May peace prevail the whole world. I'm being too dreamy again :D

Amjad celebrates his birthday on May 17th as well. Happy Birthday my friend :) May your world be filled with all the happiness that you deserve :)


Drama Div@ said...

hello Diana,

Make a wish and give it wings
Dreams of bright and beautiful things

Dance through all the fun filled hours
Don't forget to smell the flowers

Share some love and birthday cake
All life joys are yours to take

And when evening comes to view
Thanks your lucky stars you're you

Happy Birthday!!

--Author Unknown

happy birthday to Amjad too!!

Bos6ar Gadeem said...

Dear Diana
I just came here because I knew you would be posting something about your birthday :-)

Happy Birthday ..

BTW .. the best thing about this life is that we have no choice to live it or not .. otherwise ... :-D

and life goes on... said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! Happy Birthday to you.. Have a wonderful day and enjoy it to the max.. after all you're the birthday girl ;)_

Shabayek said...

If you are saying this on 26, what would you do on 37 (like me)...

Life goes on, either we like it or not !

Happy Birthday, make it a special day !

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

happy birthday sweetie! sorru havent been in touch ana you know wad3ee hal iyam but i just had to wish u a happy birthday and inshala dayman tkooni happy


MQabbani said...

Happy Birth Day

wish all time smile and happy

Oriental Arabesque said...

Happy Birthday banooteh :)

inshallah el 3omer kelu...and plz don't talk about how it feels to be 26! wait till you're 30 :(

1- i don't care much about the age issue
2- i don't hide my real age at all whenever asked
3- i don't look my age at all (no one gives me more than 25!)

annndddd: 4- i feel much younger at heart....
regardless of all this but when i reached 30 i couldn't but get a bit depressed! enu wow!! shu 30...lisa embare7 kent 20!!

every number with a 0 in our lives means a new step and a huge change!

hmmm..ok...i think that wasn't a very soul lifting thing to say in ur BD!! (sorry i got carried away :p)

el mohem...enjoy your day sweets and don't think much about this age's just a number after all ;)

Mnoosh said...

Happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaay lady D :w7de btor2oos w 3m te7tfel b3edek:

3oo2bal 120 sene zy el-20 ya raaab :hug:
allah ynawlek ele bebalk w yse3deek :cute:

SimSim said...

happy birthdaay yaa 3asal w yaa a7laa diana beldenyeeh .... u r the sweeties person I have ever met ... u deserve the best in ur life and can't wait to see u in ur white gown ... :hug:

i've always consider u a friend and a sister and forgive me if i was away and not always around

i miss u so much and i miss talking to u like before ... I wish to see u soon ...

enjoy ur day to the max.

3ala fekra mesh 3arfeh akteb post in allaho al5afi :shy: loool

mwaaaah and love u (f)

Jood said...

Happy birthday to you :rgs:
happy birthday to you :yai:
happy birthday, happy birthday
happy birthday to youuuuuuu :yai:

wish you all the best dear
btesta7e2ee kol 5air
o allah yes3edek o yehadee balek :hug:

Summer said...

Happy Birthday Diana! wishing you many many more!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you will be compensated somehow, somewhere..and hopefully soon, because good things come to good people..

I wish u the best of birthdays. May all your days be as bright and as colorful as these rain drops..May you ever stay young at heart :)

Anonymous said...

Diana, happy birthday.. the post is very nice indeed.. :hug:

3o2bal el 100 ya rab :hug:

Diana said...

Drama Div@ Thanks a lot :)

Amjad how did u know?
Do Taurus people read each others' minds? :D

Dima Thank you! :)

Shabayek thanx for stopping by and wishing me a happy birthday :)

Diana said...

Dandoon and ele m2asrah wallahy, thanks 7abeebti.

Mwaffaq so kind of you, thanx!

Mais no no bil 3aks, I always like it when you talk about age. I believe that each stage of life has its own beauty.
thanx sweets :)

Diana said...

Manoosh teslameeli ma a7la da3watek, thanx honey

Simsim I'm speechless! kteer hal 2ad :$. I truly appreciate every word you said samsoom. love you loads my dear friend. xoxo

Jood ya 7ayati ma a7la da3watek enti kaman, thanx sweets.

Diana said...

Summer thank you, I appreciate it :)

Noura many thanks for your kind words. You're so sweet.

Arooj thanks 7abeebti.

Qwaider قويدر said...

And from me ...
HaBBy Pirsday .. Jordanian style :)

Maisastic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maisastic said...

LOL@la toqabelooni la7geeen
u girl were sooo tiny when u were born!
2.5? wliiii were u a sbe3eyyeh or what?

anyway 7amdellah 3al salameh w happy birthday and many many happy returns of the day :bukeh ward:

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

HaPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpY BirthdaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAay!!!

Many more happy returns.. wishing you the best on this special day~

3u2bal el malyoon o nus :)

Samra said...

Heeeey ...i crawled all the way from underneath my rock to wish you a happy birthday ...kol sanneh o inti salmeh :D


raeef said...

happy birthday Diana...

wish you all luck in your life ..

Ammar said...

Happy Birds day!

Diana said...

Qwaider: Sanki you, Egyptian style :D

Mais: you're the only one who noticed this :(. I love this card and think it's sooo cute :D
la2 ana mish sab3eyeh, kayneh samBateek :D
Thanks dear (f)

Amal: thank you so much :)

Maha: How sweet!:D Thanks!

Raeef: thanx buddy, I wish you the same.

Ammar: LOL, zaman 3annak, thanx!

Dead Man Walking said...

lol@the card

happy birthday ya 2albeeeeeeee, 3o2bal ma nkhatyer ma3 ba3ad o nseer nemshe 3al 3okazeh :D

love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :hug:

Diana said...

LOL 3amooor, thanx 7abeebi

بديل said...

Happy birthday !!
Best Wishes

Diana said...

Thanks badeel, so kind of u :)

mr RBCs said...

I know it is late in time line,but not late in hopes track .

Happy birthday.

Diana said...

Thank you Mr. rbcs :)

Rain said...

seriously in the past 2 months i have been thinking how would it feel to be 26 , i have been alive struggling and fighting in this life for a perfect 26 years!!!!!!

days filled with tears , days filled with laughter..i won a few battles i lost many..i fell down , stumbled on the floor got up!! it was a hell of a joy ride.

i got to know great people like your self and that mdahwel DMW :) , simsim ..and so many more

happy birthday sweeite in sha allah el 3omor kolo w alah ywaf2ek ya rab in every thing u do.

bless u and your beloved ones ya rab!


Diana said...

Ranoosh, I moved ur comment from that blog :D

Thank you for the kind words. I'm lucky to know someone like you :)
God bless you