Friday, June 08, 2007

والساحة حزينة.. ما عاد فيها زينة

فضيت الملاعب من الولاد
كلّن تركوها وصاروا بعاد
والساحة حزينة.. ما عاد فيها زينة
وصورن بالزوايا مخباية

خلصت السنة يا مدرستي
بدنا نفترق يا مدرستي
بخاطرك.. بخاطرك
انشاالله نلتقي السنة اللي جايي

شبابيكا الحمرة غلقوها
وبوابا الكبيرة سكروها
وما بقي غير فية
بسكوت الضهرية ...
وصرخة ضحكاتن الي مضواية


MQabbani said...


so its over for this year :)

david santos said...

Very nice fhotos, thank you

Have a good weekend

Sam said...

wow school year is over already?? im glad my son does not go to school in lebanon..:) the kids are so cute, tooo adorable with their graduation outfits!

Шαғα said...

They are adroable nana , mshallah 3leehom :)yallah ma dal shi and another cute year is coming :P

Diana said...

Mqbbani: yeah :)

David Santos: Thanx! You too have a nice weekend :)

Sam: Yeah, because of the bad situation in Lebanon, they decided that kids should stop going to school.
Thanks for stopping by :)

Fofo: I'm not coming back, I won't see them again :(

Mr Rbcs said...

That is the state of life,
circles and circles ,it doesn't finish in some time without starting in the same time .

Diana said...

Mr. Rbcs: True.

Hala said...

Aw :(

This song reminds me of my own KG graduation, I still remember it too well.

Course of life :)