Saturday, June 09, 2007

Plz Salute Ahmed.. the Soldier

notice the fierce look

ya mama


I was surprised when Ahmed, yesterday, showed up wearing a military uniform.
"hehehe, lak Ahmed! sho labes?"
"labeTH tyab THeiTH (jeish)" :D

And here, he was telling me about a snake he saw in the neighborhood, and that he will yTHeeb klaTHen y2aweTHa :D


Manal O. said...

7ayatyyyyyyyyy he is so cute! 3anjad it's amazing how circumstances can affect little kids!

Mr Rbcs said...

Tamaam ya fandem

Khawaja M. said...

hehehe ... sooo cute.. Allah ye7meeeh :)

Maher said...

Mashallah 3aleeh!!

Diana said...

Manool: Ahmed was saluting the lebanese soldiers in his own cute way :D. Allah ykoon ma3on w ye7mehon.

Mr. Rbcs: aywa keda :D

Khawaja M.: 3o2bal ma tshoof Jood hek metloh :)

Maher: thanx :)

MQabbani said...

MAN hehehe

Oriental Arabesque said...

he's so cute :))