Sunday, June 10, 2007


I was thinking lately about the concept of freedom. What exactly does freedom mean? When do one usually experience the feeling of being "free"? How often does one feel like stretching his arms out, take a deep breath, and break free ?

Freedom is undoubtedly so valuable. Even children are aware of this fact. That's why they keep struggling against the rules and restrictions their parents and society impose on them. Freedom is so precious that it is worth dying for.

How people perceive freedom varies from one person to another because people think of freedom from where they are in life. To some, freedom means the ability to choose or to do whatever they want. When you graduate, beside feeling excited and proud, a feeling of freedom overwhelms you as well. Graduation is a time to feel free, a time to set off..

To a sick person, freedom takes the shape of recovery. To a man in dept, freedom becomes equivalent to money.
And so, we experience many forms of freedom throughout our lives. Giving birth is freedom. Getting rid of life burdens and troubles is freedom. Even divorce can be perceived as freedom. Achieving goals is freedom. Liberating an occupied country is a supreme and glorious form of freedom. The sweet taste of freedom needs hard work and sacrifice.

Many people spend their lives locked up in their own cages. Some of them tried hard and desperately to break free, but they were too weak to succeed. Others lacked the courage to even try. While others never made an effort to free themselves because they're not even aware of the cage, not aware that they spent their lives as prisoners of their own beliefs, complexes and disorders... prisoners of malice, of injustice, of misery and despair.. slaves of lust and greed...of tyranny and repression..
These can only find their freedom in death. Death is the ultimate form of freedom.


sharifo said...

very well said...
7oettet wa6anna...can't have it !
tab 7orreyet nsafer we la la u don't deserve it !!
tab mashi...7orreyet ne3mal eishi fe baladna...leesh inshalla hiya bel sahel ya3ni !!
tab 3al aleel 7orreyet ino nfaker...el tafkeer 7aram e3mal ele be7kolak 3ano !!

jameela el 7orreya..zaman 3anha !
el 7amdulelah 3ala kolshi!
great post !

Ammar said...

See I always thought there was an increased dose of maturity every time I read newer posts on your blog.

very beautifully said ya mith!

Adoosh said...

To be optimistic, we, the arabs, have lot of freedoms!
freedom of breath (May be regulated in the future).
Freedom of speech (Yes, speech. As long u make sure nobody can hear u)
Freedom of education (U can quit school whenever u want and nobody cares)

Shall I go on??

Be3een Allah..

Yazan Ashqar said...

"Death is the ultimate form of freedom."

only if you kill yourself.
Freedom in it's ultiamte form is just a human illusion.

Diana said...

the last people who can talk about feedom are us palestinians.
thanx for considering this post great :)

What do you mean? eno my previous posts were childish?! :D
Well, I always contemplate about so many things, but usually I'm too lazy to put these contemplations into words.
"very beautifully said" coming from YOU is a great compliment. Thanx!

Diana said...

LOL, la2 heidool zyadeh 3aleena.

people die without necessarily committing suicides, don't they?
Killing oneself isn't what I meant here. We all will eventually die, and death will free us from all our earthly concerns and burdens.

Ammar said...

lol..not childish..but I'm almost always coming back here to check on ahmad and the gang, so going from Tufa7ati Tufa7ati Lawnoha A7mal to "Freedom" is quite a leap!

Diana said...

OK Ammar, I know what you mean :D

From now on, there will be no Ahmed, khalas :(

Ammar said...'ll have your own Ahmad inshallah! you can teach him about all the colors of apples..and more!

Mr Rbcs said...

i think that freedom is to be free to be what u want ,the presence of many options i can choose from them.
And death is freedom.....3la 7sb!in paradise or in ......
in shaALLAH kolena nekon felgana

Diana said...

yeah...I will still miss him.

Mr. Rbcs:
Amen to that :)

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

nicely said Diana.

freedom is a word used loosely. and is a concept thats relevant and variable from one person to another, just like beauty, peace of mind, success, and love are all variable and relevant..

and ahmad is so kooty pooty! (smalla 3leih) God bless all ahmads :D :dreamy mushy smily:

Oriental Arabesque said...

i don't think human race is free..we are not born free and won't die free anyway..

Diana said...

Dima: exactly

Mais: I guess you're right