Friday, June 15, 2007

The NBN Scandal

So, everybody's talking about the deadly mistake that the nbn TV anchor Sawsan Darweesh did a couple of days ago. Not recognizing that her mic was on, Darweesh mocked the assassination of Walid Eido and gloated about it unintentionally revealing the great hatred she feels for the "other" party. She was unfortunate that someone recorded the incident that found its way to youtube and hence to the whole world.
The incident was considered dangerous and threatening by some, while others think of it as being too trivial to even comment on.
In all cases, what happened is nothing but a true reflection of the bitter reality, a reflection of what the Lebanese are feeling towards each other. Even the dead who were killed in an ugly way are still being subjected to mockery and hatred. That's shameful, very shameful. I think that wishing death to your brother is as horrible as killing him.
I can't believe what's happening in Lebanon, in Iraq, or in Palestine. How can a Muslim kill his brother Muslim and then rejoices the"victory" and kneels praying and thanking God who forbids him from killing to begin with?!! I just find myself unable to believe or to understand what's going on.


Summer said...

What a shame!!
Humanity is dying big time in Lebanon.
She was fired all right but there are many others who have the same views about the other parties in Lebanon!! This is very sad! Prayers to Lebanon to get out of this black whole that is pulling this beautiful country and its people into the abyss of war and destruction.

Anonymous said...

I heard of this yesterday..It is sad but not shame..What's shame is to keep on pretending that we are this sophisticated's all an illusion..we are so fake may god help us..
we have become shameless and unhumane years ago..we have become shameless when we started using death as an elimination process in a game in order to win or loose.. We are not muslims nor christians we are a bunch of savages,not animals because they know better!!
She is only one example of many,her problem is she got caught and she summed the unspoken feelings and the 25 past years in a couple of words..
My fear is of what's being planned in secret..Masks are off..

Qwaider قويدر said...

I couldn't understand what was being said. I did hear couple of laughs but the words were not clear. Do you have the text of what she said!? (or where I can find it?)

Diana said...

el 7amdillah 3al salameh, I've read that the explosion wasn't far from your house.
Amen to your prayers.

You sound angry. I don't blame you bcuz all of us are mad of what's happening and anxious about what will happen.

the conversation went as follows:
عن جد بايخة ما فينا نطلع نشرة يعني
مرحبا حج، العوض بسلامتك
-الله يسلمك
-إنو ليه تعوّقو دخلك لقتلوه؟
-نحنا مش شمّيتة، الله ما بينا وبين الشماتة
- مش شماتة بس هلكونا
بعد في أحمد فتفت، أنا عم عدنّ

SimSim said...

i thought that she said it intentionally !! yaa allah really we r in a mess !! I didn’t understood what she said but I know now after I read what u wrote …. U think we will hear something similar on the Palestinian TVs ? :(

sharifo said...

jad what a shame...
bas i think ino hada el 7al everywhere...

bas el akeed ino la shamata bel moot !

Someone in Al Ain said...

I can't believe what's happening in Lebanon, in Iraq, or in Palestine. How can a Muslim...)

I just would like to comment on that :

You know Diana , i was reading about the history all over the world , reading reading and reading , there is no day that the world live without a war..they just from war to another..that just so crazy..

i start to believe that this is a human nature..some people cant live without may not be war by guns ....but it might be war for money..for politics ..for power..for everything you might think of..

look at lebanon and palestine..specially palestine..this is pathetic.. palastini people fighting between them self!!..what do you think Israel will say about that..hamas and fateh..oh we are the strongest. .no no WE are the strongest..dah!!

and the victims are the population ..of all of that..people asking for peace in palestine!! can they make peace on it if the native people fighting between them self..

nothing more to crazy..

Diana said...

Simsim: she would never have the guts to utter such words if she knew that her mic was on and everybody heard what she said. In Palestine, it's getting even much worse.

That's for sure.

Someone in Al Ain:
Obviously this is the human nature as you said. Man is barbaric by nature.
Still, I can barely believe or understand that the palestinians in particular can fight and kill each other. So pathetic.