Saturday, September 01, 2007

Just Married

Hello people, it’s been a long time. I’m blogging from Istanbul where I currently live with my husband. We got married about two weeks ago in Jordan before moving to our new home in Turkey. Istanbul is a beautiful city. I visited many places and took many pictures that I will post soon inshallah. I’m starting to get used to my new life, enjoying it at times, feeling nostalgic at others. What I hate the most about living here is that I do not speak Turkish. I feel like el atrash bil zaffeh and my husband is the only person with whom I can communicate. No job, no friends and no social life. I’m acting like a typical housewife, spending the day in cleaning and cooking. Nothing much ya3ne…

I’ll be back to blogging soon and I’ll reply to the comments later.


Qabbani said...

welcome back ,o alf mabrook :)
3adi Turkish as i know not that hard to learn :)

by book or CD and tsali shwi feeha :)

o 2nshal Allah befafeah o al banen o al sa3adeh u and ur man

again Mabrook

Anonymous said...

Am so happy for you..
الـف مبـروك، اللـه يهنيكـن و يجعـل كـل ايـامكـن حلـوة وتشـوفـي كـل الخيـر يـارب
Turkey is beautiful,you will love it..( I just posted turkish music )
Just Give it time sweety and you'll find your place..You remember I told you once may be you can teach at a private school and find yourself a turkish ahmad lool..
You have no idea how happy I am for you..alf mabrook again and take good care of yourself and salam to your husband :D

Jad said...

mabrook mabrook

Summer said...

1-Alf mabrouk for your marriage. May God bless you and your husband with life full of bliss and happiness.
2-Good to read back from you...i missed reading your blog!
3-enjoy living in is one of my favorite cities in the world...i would move there in a heartbeat!
4-Learn the language...venture on your own during the day and walk around, i am sure you will find many friendly people and will make friends easily.Enjoy!

Mnoosh said...

mabroook mabroook ya 7yat albe mabrook :)

be rafah wl baneen insha'allah ;)

yee el falas :s msh mfakre tesht3'le? t3alame el turkish o 7ykoon sahel inshallah.. hope so!

Sam said...

mabrook!!! u will get used to it and learn turkish..i know an american woman who married a turkish man ...they live in germany and now speaks turkish better that the turks in germany..:) she is still working on her german though:)

Bos6ar Gadeem said...

ya reetoo mobarak inchallah .. allah ayhaneeekoo ma3 ba3d :-) : flower:

welcome back to your blog
w bahdeeeki oghnyt : wara2o il asfar shahr aylool :-) la fairooz

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

i heard istambol is wonderful! you moved there khalas! wallahi imbaro7 khatarti 3ala bali!! i miss you!! soo happy for you! ALF MABROOK! being married is lots of fun and dont listen to anyone who says other wise inshal u will always be happy and in love like you are now :)


btw cooking is soo easy u will get the hang of it 3al saree3! :)

Wedad... said...


jeti o ro7ti o ma shofnaaki :P

you've been missed for sure...

زي ما قالوا.. جربي هلأ على فضاوة تتعلمي لو حتى الأساسيات...
في عالنت و شوفي فورمس وكمان زوجك المفروض يساعدك... بتنحل بأسرع ما بتتصوري
Don't worry

I wish you all the best

والله يسعدك ويهنيك

Oriental Arabesque said...

alf alf mabrook..
i was checking ur blog on daily basis since i came back from my holidays and i was hoping u'll post soon...ur missed :)

best wishes for u and Ammar..hope ur life will be filled with happiness and joy..
everything is hard at the begining sweetie...things will get better with time and u'll cope with ur new life for sure :)

warm kisses

Maisastic said...

yai welcome to the club!
w congrats on the wedding. i hope everything went as u wished.

being jobless and bored home alone made me think of having a baby, im sure we'r gonna hear the good news soon lol

best of luck honey :hugs:

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

Alf mabrook :) you need some time to adjust and get used to your new life, but do it quick.. we miss you :)

Anonymous said...

Diana alf mabrook 7abibti elek w l ammar.. inshallah btet-hanno.. w el7a2 3ala ammar.. lazem ta3teeha lessons bel turkish :ag: keef saktaloh :ag:

wek kan nefsi ashoofek jeddan bas ma zebtat :( hope ennik tdally mabsoota dayman ya amar :hug:

wek 3anjad enni kteer mabsoota :cry:

Lilly said...

Welcome back!and Mabrook!

SimSim said...

mabroooooooooooooook w allah y3enek 3ala 3ammar :D

wish u all the best cuz u deserve it both of u :hug:

Hala said...

Welcome back, you have been missed ^_^

Alf mabrook, inshallah btet-hanno ya rab :) Turkey is beautiful, and eventually you will learn to cope with your new life.

Good luck *hug*

Jood said...

Diana, mabrook dear :hug: allah yehaneeke o yes3edek ya rab :yai:

Anonymous said...

Mubarak olsen canim.
hehe.. i speak some, bas you'll speak alot better than me so much quicker.
Mabrouk. And I feel you, its the worst, it feels like you cant really show people the real you, your persoanlity. your words are being translated and chosen by your husband. It's ok, its just a phase you're going though, good luck!

theone said...

mabrook Diana..
enjoy ur new life

wa ana a3rf mn el blog:P yala msam7ek

Diana said...

Qabbani, Noura, Jad, Summer, Manoosh, Sam, Amjad, Dina, Weddo, Mais & Mais, Amal, Areej, Lilly, Simsim, Halool, Jood, batoul, and Raeef, thank you all soooo much, you're so sweet 3an jad, '3amartooni bi lotfikom :D
i'm sorry for the late reply and for not being around, i miss reading your blogs and i miss blogging, but i still need some time b4 being as active as before, o3zoroni :)

Ola said...

WELCOME BAAAACK! can't wait for more photos and updates

Mala2e6 said...


alf alf mabrook

ana ma 3reft
this means you r the newest bride t2li la 7ada la2eno hada so2al bil fawazeer w kan jawabo wa7deh tanyeh buti will accept both now..

i am so happy for you Diana..and i wish u all the best..:D

Lapa said...


He has, also, translated into Portuguese the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith.

He has been awarded several prizes.

Don't forget the name of this great author, you'll be hearing of him soon.

Thank you for spending time in Universal Culture.

Thanks for visiting.

Wedad... said...

yalla we're waiting


Anonymous said...

You got married??! alf alf mabrook elek w la 3ammar... You crossed my mind today and I thought of checking your blog and....What a nice surprise!

So, the first question people ask me when they see me is: "how's married life?" After a while you kinda get sick of that question :D
so tell me: How's married life? :D

nshalla btet.hanno ya rub!

PS. I need to see some pictures pleaaaaaaaaaase!

Bos6ar Gadeem said...

كل عام و انتو بخير .. انتي و عمار

Diana said...

thank you thank you, Allah yes3edkon ya rab
Anonymous, who are you? :$
suzanne wella Rora ? :$

Anonymous said...

mabroook :)

Anonymous said...

e7zari meen il anonymous? :ch:
the one that used to call your husband mgal3a6 :D but not anymore, I'll leave that to you now :P

I need to contact you other than your blog.. Send me an email when you get a chance!

Iman said...

Mabrook to you and Ammar :))

Diana said...

thank you all again :)
anonymous 3reftek 3reftek, it's been a long time since i last called 3ammar mGal3a6, thanx for reminding me :D
i sent u my new number