Sunday, November 11, 2007

Why am I not Blogging?

For those who are asking about me, and wondering where İ've disappeared, i really appreciate it, thank you so much :)
İ'm not blogging for the simple reason that we still don't have internet connection at home. We first had to wait and talk to the landlord who doesn't live in Istanbul about it, and nowadays Ammar is too busy to even scratch his head, as we ,arabs, say.

So, natreen el faraj.

Married life is nice. İt's great to be with the person you love and who loves u back, cares about you and does his best to make you happy. But İ just can't be happy, something is missing. İ feel so homesick and lonely, İ want to go back home :(

İ'm hating this country, and missing my family and friends. İ wish İ can go back to Lebanon as soon as possible.


Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

we truely did miss you around.. glad to know that everything is fine..married life is wonderful.. hopefully its just a small period of time till you go back to lebanon..being far from the family and the country you grew up in is VERY difficult..but one should sacrifice sometimes.. and good luck over there and take care! ma ettawle 3aleina kter :) *flower*

Qabbani said...

hey ,

glad to hear from you , really missed you around, i hope ur net connection work soon so at least u refresh your self with friends online ..

wish u all luck :)

take care of your self :)

Qwaider قويدر said...

At least you're in the same timezone from your family and friends. And you're "farket ka3b" away from them.

Things will get better and you'll enjoy it more soon inshallah.

Enjoy the married life alf mabrook .. and don't be sad.

Oh and will eat one of those amazing la7m b3ajeen for me? yummm

ĐàŋdŎöŅёH said...

am new here ,but i've been reading all ur previous posts and enjoyed them very much ..
so welcome back and waiting the internet connection as well .. :D

ola said...

Awwwww Nana I don't know whether to be happy for you or console your home sickness! Hope you'll be back to blogging soon, it might make things easier for you having someone to talk to from back home, at least online :) As you said, what matters is that you're with the one you love...

Anonymous said...

Inshallah you will be able to go visit soon..and hopefully by then things in Lebanon would be more stable so you can enjoy your stay and not worry..
It's good to know that you are happy in your new life and it seems that Ammar is taking good care of you..
Hope you get your internet connection very soon,and best of luck to both of you love birds :D

Oriental Arabesque said...

we really do miss u...hope u get ur internet connection least u'll be in touch with family and friends and it will make u feel better and less lonely i hope


Sam said...

im glad everything is good with sorry that you are hating your new home...but change is hard...maybe one day u will get used to it inshallah:)

Diana said...

thank you all my dear friends
I hope i'll get used to things here very soon, until then i will aGazezko with some nakad posts, lol

SimSim said...

i miss u so much ... and sweetie all the girls who get married and leave their home and family feel the same but give it some time and u will get used to it .... nothing is better than being with the one u love anywhere


Bos6ar Gadeem said...

you are only back when I was not blogging and reading blogs :-( .. anyway welcome back and sorry for my late reply .. I was checking for you week by week .. but unfortunately not last month .. welcome back and its nice to see you around

I am glad to hear that you and Ammar are a happy couple .. I wish you will always be like this .. hopefully you will see your family and friends soon :flower: