Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Expecting (3): The Reaction

OH MY GOD! My heart sank when I saw the result. I was stunned. didn't know what to do and how to react. The idea didn't really sink in! It was unbelievable! too good to be true!

Once I regained my senses I found myself crying... shedding tears of joy.. a mother? me? I'm not prepared to be a mother! Not here.. not now. I'm completely ignorant when it comes to pregnancy. The idea then freaked me out. MAMA HELP MEEE.

Ammar's reaction , just like mine, shifted from shocked to excited to worried especially that my health started to deteriorate. So, my return to Lebanon was unavoidable, where my mother can take good care of me.

Everybody was extremely happy to hear the news. I can tell that my mother was the most excited of all. Thanks to her, I regained my health, and I'm feeling much better now.


Qwaider قويدر said...

May god bless you and your whole family. Especially your wonderful mother.

Salamtek ... you should take care of your self more now that you're with a child ... mashallah 3alaikom

Alf alf mabrook

Summer said...

this is the best gift in your life, i hope it follows with many more! children are blessings. hope you have a very easy pregnancy and a much easier delivery! Bless you and your growing family.

Isam said...

Alf mabrook again ...

your hormones are producing the most wonderful posts :) this will be a beautiful journey ... share as much as you can ...

Blesses to you and your husband

Anonymous said...

al7amdolelah 3al salameh
what a joy!!!
it's a great feelingfirst u would suffer a bit nta2 wo la3eyyeh and lose some weight
but u will feel gr8 afterwards
one advice: take care of ur calicium intake and your teeth as the little baby concumes ur stock and ur teeth decay faster than before

rabna ye7meekom

Anonymous said...

ok when I first got to know you through blog, you were just a new wed! and im just sooooooo happy to hear you're expecting :hug: wonderful news. Take good care of yourself and the little bubu :D and keep us posted, im excited to hear about ur updates. and do enjoy it :D All the changes are normal and are more than joyful if you make it. And lucky you... Fashion is all about the pregnant look now lol ;)

Anonymous said...

alf mabrook..
Are you going to stay home during the pregnancy? Being with your mother and in Lebanon is a great combination and a perfect prescription for a healthy mom and baby inshallah :)

Oriental Arabesque said...

WOW...wonderful news...alf mabrook :)

Maisastic said...

alf mabrook Diana, i hope ur pregnancy goes all smooth and turns to be a wonderful experience. enjoy it :)

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

MABROooOoooOooOK!!!! thats great news.. God bless :)

Diana said...

Qwaider: thank you so much, I'm doing my best to take extra care of the baby. Allah ybarek fek :)

Summer: indeed it is. Thank you dear.

Isam: Allah ybarek fek, thank you for your kindness, I thought only girls would be interested in such posts :D

Diana said...

Anonymous: thanks for the advice! I am doing my best to have a healthy baby inshallah.

Batoul: thanks, you're so sweet. I will keep you updated inshallah.

Noura: Allah ybarek feki sweetie. well, my stay in Lebanon depends on my health and on my hubby's job, so I can't decide right now on when I'll be able to go back.

Diana said...

Mais: Allah ybarek feki ya rab

Mais: thanks dear,I hope so too, and I started to enjoy it already.

Amal: thank you so much. God bless you too.