Tuesday, January 15, 2008

mind what you say facebookers,or you will end up in jail!

اعتصم امس طلاب من جامعة القديس يوسف ـ فرع زحلة والبقاع، احتجاجا وتضامنا مع زملائهم الاربعة الذين تم توقيفهم منذ الخميس الفائت على خلفية مزاح وتعليقات وكلام مسيء على الانترنت بحق فتاة، التي رفعت دعوى قضائية بحقهم نتج عنها تحقيقات وملاحقات، أفضت الى توقيف المذكورين.
وشارك أهالي الموقوفين في الاعتصام وطالبوا والطلاب بالإفراج الفوري عنهم من أجل سنتهم الدراسية والعمل على حل المسألة والإشكال بالطرق التوافقية وبعيدا عن القضاء، لافتين أن أبناءهم موقوفون من دون إحالتهم الى القضاء المختص.
ويواجه الطلاب الأربعة حسب بيان صادر عن زملائهم «خسارة عامهم الجامعي، خصوصا أن الامتحانات التي هي نهائية لبعضهم وفصلية للبعض الآخر جرت صباح أمس فيما هم موقوفون من دون أن يتمكنوا من الحضور».
وحسب الأهالي والطلاب فإن حكاية الانترنت والإشكال سببها تعليقات وأحاديث وضعت على موقع «فايس بوك» التي تعود للجامعة اليسوعية.


Weird, isn't it?! especially in a country like Lebanon. People can practice their right of free speech in real life more than on the internet? I mean, in Lebanon, you can curse the politicians , and the president himself, and nobody will sue you, simply because this is your opinion and you're free to express it! Lebanon is the country of democracy and freedom of speech, no?
Not anymore!


Adoosh said...

You're right about Lebanon, but the piece of news says that they bad-mouthed (fe hek kelmeh?) a girl. And everywhere, that's a punishable deed by the law!
Your freedom ends when others' starts..

Anyway, I hate facebook, never been there and never will..

SimSim said...

i always said i hate facebook shoftoo ma36aloo :D

Oriental Arabesque said...

totally unexpected in Lebanon bil-zat!!

Ola said...


vagueraz said...

el face book ma2ssa!!
enu it was established for
Education Issue that what i read about it .. but see what people turn it to..
I hate it ...
i did not join it :)

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

i always feel that facebook is being watched since all the rumours about it..but anyways its all for fun for me.. and sometimes it freaks me out..

Anonymous said...

Well you might think it's wrong, but let me tell you a little story: Not so long ago, a 13 year old girl, Megan, just growing up, with the usual self esteem issues that most girls face at 13, met a boy her age called Josh on my Space website,his dislpay picture was of this shirtless hot boy who can have the prettiest girl in school, Josh kept saying how pretty Megan was, how nice she was, and after a couple of months Josh without any reason started saying bad stuff about her telling her that "the world would be a better place without her."
That night she tried to hang herself in the closet of her room. And later on she took her last breath between her mother's arms the next day in the hospital.
Josh turned out to be the mother of one of Megan's classmates with whom Megan had an altercation. She created Josh to teach Megan a lesson that caused her herlife.
Since there was no precedence for such a case in the US history, the mother "Josh impersonator" has not been charged with any type of a crime.
So unfortunately I do agree with punishing anyone who commits cyber bullying.

Diana said...

thank you all for your comments.

I don't think that punishing them is wrong. I agree with you anonymous that anyone who commits cyber bullying should be punished.
But I was surprised that such a thing happened in Lebanon.