Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Expecting (5): A Big Change

Along with the tiny new being that's developing inside you, a new feeling - that you experience for the very first time - starts to develop too. That is: motherhood.

An indescribable different kind of love tickles your heart right at the moment you perceive that you are a mother-to-be and brings with it those tears of joy. A feeling that keeps growing with your growing awareness of the existence of this unseen little intruder who came to your life suddenly turning it upside down!

You become a different person. You notice continuous changes in the way you live and the way you look at life... changes in your interests and concerns... in your plans and priorities... in your body, mind and soul... in brief: changes in everything!

Now, there's a human being growing inside you who depends wholly on you to give him all the love and care essential for his growth. You are ready to give him anything that he needs, and just do anything you can to keep him safe and healthy. You follow all the instructions and advices just for him... You are extra cautious and careful in everything you do and eat.. in every move you make.. for his sake. You educate yourself and read all the pregnancy books and articles that come to your hand because you want the best for him. Simply, you are now living for him. *Diana sings you are the reason, and everything I do I do it for you* :D

I look back at the day I went out with my two married friends who spent the whole time talking about their pregnancies, and about their babies, their food and the kinds of diapers they use. And even ended up exchanging diapers, not used ones of course :D. They bored me to death that I decided never to go out with married friends again! Now such subjects became my favorites. It became more interesting and more fun to chat with my friends' mothers than chatting with my friends themselves :D. My God! Look how I've changed!
At the mall, instead of checking the women sections like I always do, my legs take me directly and unconsciously to the baby's section where my heart melts when I see the babies and their cute adorable stuff.

There's a lot of changes and sacrifices.. A lot of concerns and worries and mixed feelings that every pregnant woman goes through. Still, I believe that this exceptional glamorous experience is worth every sacrifice. It is undoubtedly the most exciting and rewarding adventure of a woman's life :)

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Dawn said...

Hi there
Congratulations on your pregnancy.

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon your blog while I was making mine.
Your posts gave me déjà vu.
I'm a mother of two boys, Ashraf in heaven, and Firas here with us, filling our life with joy.
I remember during my both pregnancies I was so miserable health wise, and so over the clouds, emotions wise. It was just amazing, I felt like the happiest person on earth.
Reading about songs, I remembered there was a song, a silly song for Samo Zain, but when I first heard it I was 6 weeks pregnant with Ashraf. it said:
انا عارفك
من قبل ما أقابلك
انت اللي ياما حلمت اني اكون معاه
ولا قبلك ولا بعدك
And for some reason, emotional fragility maybe, this became my baby's song, My little angel Ashraf's song.
I guess it's because I knew him before even meeting him, and I guess I've always dreamed of being with him, and still do.

I said so much...
Anyway, I passed by, enjoyed reading every thing, thanks so much, I wish you all the best in your pregnancy, take good care of your self and don't forget the prenatal vitamins.

Please be safe

Diana said...

Hi Dawn, thanks for stopping by and leaving this lovely comment!

May God protect your son. The song is cute, I've never thought about it this way. I know when you're pregnant your mind and heart become occupied with this event that you relate anything to it.

I'll make sure to stop by your blog. Thanks again for passing by and I hope to see you here more often :)