Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Mystery Behind Wara2 el 3inab Disappearance!

A friend of mine came visiting once, like two, three or even more years ago, and we had homemade hamburgers for lunch. I ate half a hamburger sandwich as usual, while she ate two. She couldn't believe that I eat only half a hamburger and found it a very amusing story to tell everybody about. "Do you believe that Diana eats half a hamburger? It's unbelievable, this girls eats nothing, even a kid can easily eat one or two!"
I went to this friend's place the other day, and someone started talking about food, so of course she didn't forget to mention the same old story of Diana and the hamburger. "For God's sake!" I told her "Aren't you ever gonna forget this story?". Her mother laughed and said that her daughter repeats the same story every single time they have hamburger.

So, the moral of the story is Diana doesn't eat much. But now, I had to add some calories to my diet you know. This baby of mine is mafjoo3, I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night feeling very hungry. I'd feel stomach pains in the early morning and get up just to eat.
A couple of days ago, we had wara2 3inab bil khodar, or b zeit, or yalanji, you name it. El mohem, I just LOVE stuffed grape leaves soooooo much. They usually make this dish as an appetizer, but who will think of eating anything else in the presence of wara2 el 3inab? Mom made a good quantity, so that I can eat my all time favorite dish for two days. We had lunch, and mom went out to visit some acquaintances. Shortly afterwards, I got hungry, so I ate another plate. A couple of hours later, I got hungry, again! and had a third plate. Not to mention that I was paying the kitchen a visit every now and then just to take a mouthful or two . When my mother came back home, she found the pot almost empty. "Did we have visitors?" she asked. "No, nobody came." I answered. "But, but.. where did the wara2 3inab go?" she exclaimed. "well, actually I ate it!" :D
"Unbelievable! Mashallah! Sa7tain." :D
So, I mustn't forget to tell my friend about this incident so that she totally forgets all about Diana and the hamburger story and start telling another one for a change: Diana and tanjaret wara2 el 3inab.


lost within said...

Girls that are not pregnant could easily wipe the tanjara clean in no time if it had wara2 3enab in it !!
Sa7tein ;)

Sharifo said...

i just adore anything ma7shi in this life...
bas 3indi so2al teqani..howa el shar6 el wa7ad ykoon 7amel 3ashan yenfete7 el exclusive open source of wara2 3enab..? :P


SimSim said...


allah retooo sa7teeen :D

I love yalanjee hala2 wallahe ejanaa wara2 dawalee mfarraz ba7kee la emme 5alle shway nsawee yalanjee ... bas ana ba7eboo yalanjee belbeet :P

Maher said...

I LOOOOOVEEE wara2 el 3innaab like big time!!!!

PS : i eat 4 hamburgers!!! I LOVE THEM!
but i have been sober from these stuff since a month actually...and i miss them! :(

ياسمين حميد said...

Waraq el 3inab, yummy!
I could eat 2 tanjaras full, without even feeling stuffed...I only wish I could have fresh leafs like the ones I get at (Germany) you can find only canned leafs, which are VERY salty and don't taste at all like fresh ones (well, they're actually good too, but like they are something else altogether)

I did actually do the same (eat the whole tanjara by myself) once. So I don't think your baby has anything to do with it. I don't like Hamburger that much btw


nido said...

loool! sa7tain Diana :) You are so lucky to have yr mom with you cooking for you! Allah yikhalleekom la ba3ad:)
I'm sooo desperate for ma7ashi! that's why someone really special is inviting me next week for original ma7ashi :D

One advice: make sure you don't add more than 300 Kcals to yr daily diet, not a tanjara of Kcals!!! hehe

Simply ME said...

sa7tain haha! my sister is going through the same thing, she can't stop eating.. and last time I saw her we were ordering food to share for four, but she was eating and we were just looking and enjoying.. haha

btw 'wara' il inab' is my favorite dish ever.. so i don't blame you :$

Maioush said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL alf sa77ao hana ya rab :)
yalajeh is the best :D your baby is mezwe2 mesh mafjoo3 :D LOL! he/she likes yalanjeh ;)

Anonymous said...

sa7tainn,, Baby knows what to pick. ok you made me hungry :/ lol

Anonymous said...

Hehehe sa7a! Honestly, who can resist Dawali and Koosa? Ma7ashi in general must be the yummiest food ever :)

Sam said...

mmmmmmmmmmm i love wara2 3enab...sa7teen....:)

Anonymous said...

Akh ya Diana, ma 7ada mishta2 la tabkhet wara2 3inab mitli!! It's on top of my list,mama makes the best ..
sa7tein 3ala 2albik..:)

Ola said...

looool sa7tain! yes keep having healthy food 3ashan el bobbo ye6la3o 5doodoh mtaf7een in sha'a Allah like our ZoZo!

Oriental Arabesque said...

sa7tein ow hana :) and who can resist el yalanji? it's my all time favorite :D
shaheitin wallah...i'll tell mama to make some soon ;)

Adoosh said...

When we have home-made burger for lunch I eat 4-5 burgers :D

sa7tain 3a wara2 el.3enab :) You can now eat as much as you want and blame it on your baby :)

Bos6ar Gadeem said...


eating is related to mood .. if you are in good mood then you eat well .. and you enjoy it ..

For sure the little baby is pushing you to eat more as well :)

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

yalanjii!!! yum yum!! sa7taain..its kind of a light dish, but when you start eating, you just crave for more! i love it..

Diana said...

Lost within: hehe, you think so? 3ala 2albik :)

Sharifo: LOL, la2 mish shart, bas ana hek 3am beseer ma3i :D

Simsim: 3ala 2albek samsoom

Maher: 4 hamburgers? sa7tain :D

Diana said...

Yasmine: In Turkey too the grape leaves don't taste good and they're very salty, I tried to cook them twice but the result wasn't as good as Mom's tab3an.

Nido: thank you sweets. I know that I was told that I have to add only 300 kcals in the second trimester and another 300 in the third, but I just couldn't resist wara2 el 3inab this time :D

Dima: LOL at you sis, I was told that my appetite is going to increase even more :D

Diana said...

Maioush: LOL, 3ala 2albek sweets. yes actually HE is mezwe2 ;)

Batoul: go and fix some wara2 3inab then :D

Hala: YESSS it is

Sam: thank you, 3ala 2albek :)

Diana said...

Noura: I made you all crave wara2 3inab lol, thanks Noura

Ola: hehehe, I adore el cheeks el manfo5a on babies :D

Mais: ma tensi t5aleeli shway, a whole tanjara wasn't enough for me, lol

Diana said...

Adoosh: lol, yeah, mish ana el mafjo3a, it's the baby :D. la2 this only happened once wallahi

Amjad: 3ala 2albak thanx, they say that when you're NOT in a good mood you eat well, fashet khele2 ya3ni

Amal: exactly! 3ala 2albek, thank you

Anonymous said...


sa7a w 2lf hana..

Diana said...

3ala 2albek Gardenia :D