Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Kick Kick kick

You naughty little thing! Why do you always choose to wake up and start kicking only when your mommy is about to fall asleep?! Are you going to do that as well when you come to this world?
that was a little note to my boy :D

I started feeling those little kicks a while ago. At first it felt like a heart beating in my belly. Later on, the kicking became more clear and stronger. I remember that I was doing something when I felt a kick in my belly so I left everything and went to sit and concentrate to make sure whether what I felt was real or I was just imagining things. And there it went, a kick, another one.. it was real, finally :D
My mother saw me drawing a wide smile on my face, hek la7ali mitl el habla, she must have thought that her daughter went crazy hehe, so she asked what's the matter? I told her that I started to feel the baby moving and kicking. She felt happy and excited too :)

Don't mind what I said at the beginning of the post. Actually I do like these kicks, it's another way to communicate with my baby, I feel that he's telling me "hello there, na7no hona" :D. I love it when in the morning, while I'm sipping my tea, the baby starts kicking as if he's trying to say : good morning mommy, I'm awake too


Anonymous said...

how sweet mashalla..

enjoy it to the max.

maybe after a while when you drink cold things or eat sweets...he will let you know how happy u made him feel :)

ola said...

Awwwwwwwwwww! cute cute cute!

nido said...

so cute, mushallah!!
I recently heard that your baby will be the same when he is born! I mean, if he wakes you up a lot during the night he'll do the same...if his kicks are soft he's gonna be a calm one etc...
I was asked to pay attention to these things so that I'm prepared later on once the baby is out:)
I'm happy for you, and it's gonna get better inshallah:)

Anonymous said...

AWWWWW!! so cuuuuuuuuuuuute :)
allah y2awmek bel salemh ya rab :)

Isam said...

this is really heart-warming ...

bless you ...

i think i am the only guy following up sa7 ??? i just love babies so much since i was a kid and it never faded ...

vagueraz said...

how nice :)Indeed :)
allah y2awmek b el salameh :)

Qwaider قويدر said...

I know why! I heard it from my mother!
You see, when you're walking around the house and doing things. You're continuously rocking the baby. Which puts the baby to sleep. But when it's time for you to sleep, it's the time all that rocking and vibrating is gone which makes the baby wake up and kick .. demanding more rocking :)
There was these headphones that you can attach to your belly which will vibrate with sweet tunes for the baby, and will help you sleep. Check them out :)

Ya allah, this post made me feel ... good! :)

Anonymous said...

Na7no honna, lool. :D

Yalla inshallah t2oomi inti o eyah bul salameh, and then you can see him kicking for real, that's when the real fun begins. :D

Anonymous said...

Awww how sweet, please keep posting such posts. Cute :)

Anonymous said...

na7no hona < loool
so cute Diana! ya allah mskeen ur husband, unable to see all the developments :/

Abed. Hamdan said...

lool... el baby tali3 motawa77esh mn awwalha

Oriental Arabesque said...

awww...the way u put it is so sweet :)

my mom told me that generally the boys are more aggresive in kicking and 7araketoun daj lol! girls are smoother and softer..tesba7 metl el samakeh (as my mom put it)

and i agree with Qwaider on the music part...i read it's becoming essential for pregnant women to make their babies listen to music even before they are born
ur baby will react to the music he used to listen to in ur belly after he's born..
a friend tried this with her son...she used to listen to lots of soft music and fairouz while she was pregnant..and mashallah her son is soooo hanni and smart..he's a very happy and calm baby..i like that :)

Diana said...

-Gardenia: I will. Yeah, maybe I'll "imagine" that he's telling me so and so, lol

-Ola: thank youuuuu

-Nido: Ohhh, does that mean that he'll keep me awake all night :O
inshallah la2, lol. Thanks dear :)

-Maious: thank youuuuu :)

Diana said...

-Isam: no you're not the only one :D
Bless you too :)

-Razan: Allah ysalmek ya rab, thanx!

-Qwaider: Maaaan, you know more information that I do, thank you 3an jad! I'm glad that my post made you feel good :)

-Jasim: yeah yeah, I'm ready for all the coming surprises :D

Diana said...

-Hala: I will halool, I love to post such things too, maybe in the future I'll make him read these posts, I'm sure he'll be very happy :D

-Batoul:He will, very soon inshallah ;)

-Abed: he's a boy, sho bado yetla3 minno? LOL

-Mais: yes, boys are more active apparently. I've heard about the music part, he will remember what he listened to while he was still in the mom's womb. I'll make sure to listen to more soft music then instead of watching the news all the time, lol