Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back to Lebanon

I returned back to Lebanon last Saturday, May 17, my birthday :D. which happens to be Amjad's birthday too. Happy birthday again Amjad :)
I've been lazy since then to update my blog, I still am but I'm forcing myself to write something.
Anyway, I enjoyed my stay in Dubai and being with hubby. I miss him so much already. Me and the baby are doing fine, two months to go inshallah.
I cried my eyes out when I saw the fierce clashes in Lebanon and thought that I will never manage to come back and that I will be all alone when it's time to deliver my baby. I was emotionally prepared that when that time comes, I will be in Lebanon, with family and most importantly with my mother. The mere thought that I will have to think of other options drove me crazy. But elhamdulillah, when things calmed down, I decided that everything will go the way I want and as planned. So, I flied back to Lebanon despite the many objections.
I had a hope that things will be OK, and that's what happened. After yesterday's agreement, the Lebanese are finally relieved, happy and optimistic :)


Qabbani said...

Welcome back :)

and i wish things get better more :)

have a nice day

nido said...

welcome back bday girl! I'm glad you made it back to Lebanon:)
Hope the last couple of months will be easy for you...Allah yi2awmik bissalameh, and inshallah both yr mom and hubby will be there for you when time is due!
Happy birthday Diana...

Amjad Wadiِ said...

welcome back to the hot-spot :-) inchalla wijhik kheeeer 3ala lonbaaan :)

Happy birthday to you too :-) I am glad to see my name on your post :-) thanks so much.

j said...

Welcome back. :D

And happy birthday by the way. :D

Jasim said...

Okay the J up there was me, but pressed the Enter too early. :$

Mona said...

Happy belated birthday to you and to Amjad.
Inshalla Allah ye2awmek bissalameh :)

Summer said...

good to read from you Diana, i hope things stay calm and well in Lebanon and you will eliver he baby all on time and bissalameh...take care of yourself!

noura said...

7amdellah 3ala salamtek inti w baby..Am glad things are better now for you to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy with your family..
Things were terrible for me and I thank you for asking about me..Am back in Florida..
Good to hear from you again and have a great birthday:)

Amjad:ya3ni ana wiji kan mish mnee7 3ala Lebnan, mish heik ? :D

Anonymous said...

Happy bday kaman mara wooo i'm glad things are going as planned. Inshallah bil salameh :)

Diana said...

Qabbani: thank you :)

Nido: same to you sweets, thank you

Amjad: thank youuu, I can't but remember your birthday on my birthday you know :D

Jasim: I kinda knew that it was you :D

Diana said...

Mona: Thank you, Allah ysalmek ya rab :)

Summer: Allah ysalmek, thanks!

Noura: el 7amdillah 3ala salamtek again. thank you so much. I'm sure Amjad didn't mean that :D

Batoul: thanks again tooteh, Allah ysalem 2albek :)

Sam said...

welcome back...yeh inshallah everything will settle in lebanon...good to hear from u again..

Diana said...

amen to that. Thank you Sam :)

Wedad said...


hello Diana

Diana said...

why didn't u reply to my e-mail? :@
missed ya :hug:

Maioush said...

7amdella 3ala salamtek ya rab.. i've been away for a while, bs i'm glad to hear that you are doing ok! :)

Hope said...

I missed your posts really :)
welcome back diana
I hope everything will be fine.

Diana said...

Maioush: lakan welcome back enti kaman, missed you all wallah

Hope: thank you, I don't feel like posting anything lately, dunno why :(

NasEr said...

i can only imagine how u felt abt these latest clashes ! it was horrible made me so angry.anyway good thing they're all back to being friends anyway .
good luck :)

Diana said...

Thanks Naser :)

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