Friday, June 13, 2008

The Penguin Walk

I sometimes suffer from a backache that makes me walk with a waddle. When I was in Dubai, I went for a walk with hubby who looked at me and said: Oh, you walk like a penguin! :D I laughed so hard my eyes teared up. Couldn't imagine myself to be walking like a penguin, that's so funny, hehe
Now my mom calls me "Batta", but hubby insists that "penguin" is more accurate :D

I'm feeling heavy and tired these days, I'm bored already and want this to end very soon. I hate how impatient I am, and that I still have to wait for more than five weeks. This endless talk about labor and delivery is freaking me out. I understand that people are trying to help by giving me information and telling their own experiences but I just don't want to hear anything about this matter for the time being. I want to distract myself from thinking too much about delivery and the suffering I may go through. I keep praying for an easy and smooth delivery and a healthy baby inshallah.


NasEr said...

LOL :d penguins are lovely anyway :DD
i think its like when u r Tawjeehe,n u dnt wanna hear abt ppl's experiences no more!but once u r done u bug every Tawjeehe student u know with ur expertise lol.i think u r gonna do that to the next pregnant relative or friend :d REVENGEEEEE it is .heheh

Batoul said...

Hi ya batta, shte2nalek lol
InshAllah yhawen 3leke wo tekhlese bkhair, inty wo baby tkoono healthy :)

vagueraz said...

enshalla bt2oomi b el salameh :)...

Diana said...

LOL Naser, yeah 2al ana beseer 3andi khebra and would like to adli bi dalwi whenever I meet a pregnant woman :D

Hiii Tooteh, missed you too wallah. thanks sweets :)

Allah ysalmek Razan, thanks a lot :)

Amjad Wadiِ said...

looool .. he is right :) i think it is a beautiful walk though .. I cannot help with my experience in this matter .. shidi 7eeelik .. inchalla bil salameh

Summer said...

Diana, it will end soon!! the baby would like to stay in your tummy forever la sama7a allah!
things will get much better once you have the baby in your more penguin walk and you will be back to your old self soon...patience my friend...patience! :)

Dino$ said...

wow... 2arabti tjeebo booobeyeh :)

*jumping up and down with excitement!

i walk like a penguin min ghier wasta lol

Diana said...

Amjad: Thank you, rafa3telli ma3naweyati, lol
Allah ysalmak :)

Summer: I'll try to be more patient, thank you :)

Dina: LOL, no you don't! ella eza lately you do ma ba3ref :D
and it's bobbo not bobeyeh :D

Sam said...

inshallah u will have a quick and easy husband is already saying i walk like a bata..i think he is practicing for when i get bigger..(men)...hanat..5 more weeks to right?

Diana said...

thank yo Sam
are you pregnant? Congratulations, t2omil bil salameh ya rab
yeah, about 4 weeks and the baby will arrive inshallah.