Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hello World!

Hi everyone! This is Kareem blogging :D
I arrived to this world on Saturday, July 12, 2008, at about 11 a.m. I was supposed to arrive two weeks later but since I heard that mom was in a hurry and since I got bored in there I decided to come early. I am two weeks old now. Mom says that we must party and sing happy birthday to you tralala :D, she said the same last week too :D
Mom seems very happy and excited at my arrival. The moment I arrived she forgot all about her pain and the things the doctor and nurses were doing to her and turned her head towards me with eyes full of love and tears.
I love the songs mom made up for me. She usually hums them in the morning when she is still in a good mood. She says that I am the most adorable and the cutest baby she's ever seen! She's my mother you know and I wouldn't have believed her haven't I heard everybody else saying the same too, especially mom's friends. I'm glad that gorgeous ladies like me and think that I am so cute :D
I haven't met my father yet, he keeps asking for my pictures and videos, and I can't wait to see him.
Life is not bad so far, I spend my day mostly in sleeping, crying, and drinking milk. .. hmm sho kaman,OK that's it for now I guess. Since this blog was created especially for me, I'll be sharing it with mommy. Will be back later..


nido said...

hamdillah 3ala salamtak Kareem! The world is more beautiful now that you are a part of it :)
Be nice to your mama, she was so happy and anxious to mee you!!

Autumn said...

hey kareem , welcome aboard .. alf el 7amdella 3a salamtak inta o ur lovely is opening her arms wide open for you..

send my greetings to ur parents little sweet angel .. and enjoy sleep as much as u can hehe

N.B. hope u r doing very great diana :hug:

Dawn said...

Hi Kareem.. Nice to meet you.
Mabrook ma ejaki Diana, yetrabba bi 3ezzkom ya rab.

Diana said...

Nido, Rana, and Dawn, thank you guys, Allah yes3edkon :)