Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kareem, our son, has arrived!

Our little bundle of joy, our angel, Kareem, arrived on Saturday, July, 12, 2008, 12 days before the due date.
As if he was reading this post, and found in this caricature a good idea to surprise his mom :D
We're both fine El Hamdulillah and I just can't describe the joy he brought to my life :)


chika said...

congratulations! :D o yetrabba eb 3ezkon enshallah dear

nido said...

Mashallaaaaaah:) Alf mabroook Diana!!! :D:D:D 12 days early!! He was in a hurry to meet his beautiful mama Im sure:)
I kinda knew it, you disappeared for few days, mish 3awayddik ;)
Alf mabrook! A very nice name "Kareem"!!
Im so happy for you! yitrabba bi 3izkom ou dalalkom inshallah!!

sharifo said...

Alf Alf mabrookz
Inshalla yetraba be 3ezko, to grow to be great person as his parents !

ياسمين حميد said...

Congratulations Diana!
Welcome to this world, Kareem!

Abed. Hamdan said...

alf mabrook ! Allah eybarekelkom feeh :D

SimSim said...

mabroooooooooooook :rgs: bedde picturessssss

really what a nice name !!!! alf alf mabrook .....w yetrabba b3ezkom ya rab :hug:

NasEr said...

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 7amdella 3al salameh :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
so July 12th ! on my blog i said two days ago ya3ne he is two days younger on my count :DDDDDDDDD Don't ask me why am i so excited ! I'm just thrilled for u :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
yalla now we'll be reading about the diaries of newly mom :D
no baby blues no nothing when u feel down come here we'll cheer u up :yay: LOL :DDDDDDDDDDDD
take care of urself eat well n stuff :p

Maher said...

alf alf mabroook :D

Amjad Wadiِ said...

يااااا ريته ألف مبروك

و الحمد الله على سلامتك

الله يخليلكوا اياه و يتربى بعزكوا

Anonymous said...

alf mabrook 7abibti..yetraba be3zkon inshallah, w Allah yeb3atlo eyam 7elweh..
how the new dad feels?? I bet he's happy..
Take care :)

Adoosh said...

Alf alf mabrook ya rabb :)
7amdellah 3a salamtek w salamet Kareem basha :D

We demand pics :D

Jasim said...

Alf alf mabrouk ya rab. :D

Yalla el 7amdellah 3ala salamto o salamtek, o yetraba bi 3izkom ya rab. :D

Welcome on board, Kareem. :D

مياسي said...

ya reto alf mabrooook:)

yetraba be3zkom inshalah, allah ye3enek men el yoom o 6ale3, badum soty lal bageen, pictures law sama7ty:p

Mnoosh said...

mabroook mama Dianaa :D el7mdollah 3la slamteek o slameet kareem :D
yetraba fe 3ezko insha'allah!

weeen elsowaaaaaaaaaaaar :D:D???

Mnoosh said...

2essa istw3beet elmwd'o3!
elsayeed kareem kan mfrod' yeje fe yoom 3ed melade 24/7 :O
leesh bkareet ya5e :S ?

j/k 6ab3an sharafeet ahlan wa sahlaan :D

ola said...

1000000000000000000000 Mabrouk! el7amdo lellah 3ala salamtek w welcome to welcoem to the world little Kimo!

عـلا - من غـزة said...

ألف مبررووووك :)

يتربى في عزكم ان شالله

ويكون دايما سبب البهجة والسعادة بعيلتكم الحلوة

تحياتي :)

weddo said...

habboobaaa Dianaaa
check your mail tayyeb !!

Welcome to this world Kareeeeeeeeem...

el7amdella 3ala salametkom tnainatkom :hug:

weddo said...

habboobaaa Dianaaa
check your mail tayyeb !!

Welcome to this world Kareeeeeeeeem...

el7amdella 3ala salametkom tnainatkom :hug:

Khawaja M. said...

يتربى بعزكم

Batoul said...

*cries* I am one of the people who suggested the name woohoo! lol
ALF alf alf mabrouk wil al7amdella 3ala salametkon. bismillah mashAllah, yetraba b 3ezkon.

Sam said...

mabrooooooooooook on your bundle of joy...:)i just thought let me check diana's blog...maybe she had the baby..and traa u did ...mabrook again..inshallah he is a good baby for u...:)

Anonymous said...

Alf mabrook Diana for both you and your husband, you must be ecstatic. Yetrabba bi 3ezkom :hug:

Nice name :)

Anonymous said...

Mabrooook your new angel Kareem
lovely name , yetrabba bi 3izkom:)
take care of ur self and sleep when karoom sleeps;)

Wafa' said...

Mubarak dear Nana , Yetrabba be 3ezkom w ykhaleelkom eyah w ykhaleekom elo , you can't imagine how happy i was when i heard the news and knew the name , bejannen :D

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

diana! mabrook bannout! im glad he did pop up earlier 3ashan ykun cancerian not a leo :P cancerian boys r haneyeen ktir. yetrabba b3ezzkun w 7amdella 3al salameh emm kooki!

Jood said...

:rgs: aweeeha o ya raito alf mabrook :rgs:

om kareem :hug: el 7amdellah 3ala el salameh o mabroook elek o la abo kareem yetraba be 3ezkom.
I know i'm late bs I just saw your post :shy:
mabrook sweet :hug:

Diana said...

thank you all, Allah ybarek fekon ya rab.
will be back later inshallah

vagueraz said...

Alf Mabrooooooooooooooooooooooook :)
ytrabba b 3ezkum :) enshalla:)

Diana said...

Chika, Nido, Sharifo, Yasmeen, Abed, Simsim, Naser,Maher, Amjad, Noura, Adoosh, Myasi, Manoosh, Ola, Ola, Weddo, Khawaja, Batoul, Sam, Hala, Karmel, Wafa', Dima, Jood, and Razan, thank you so much guys, I appreciate your sweet wishes.

as for pictures, I'm not posting any now :p
but let me tell u that Kareemo is the most adorable and cutest baby I've ever seen :D. Mashallah, khayfeh ana ele a7sedo, lol

Naser: No baby blues el 7amdulillah, I can't be more happy :D

Noura: of course he is, he can't wait to see him

Manoosh: happy birthday moqadaman, Kareemo 7ab yraye7ni 3ala bakeer :D

Weddo: done, thank you sweets :hug:

Karmel: welcome to my blog, glad to see you here

Dima: inshallah Allah yesma3 minik :D

NasEr said...

blogo&mahjoobio-spheres are asking : are you going to sell the 1st pictures of baby Kareem to US weekly or any other magazine:ch: ?

take careeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Diana ,enjoy ur time :)

Diana said...

LOL Naser, yeah akeed, sho lakan, kol shi b7a2oh :ch: :D

thank youuuuu, 3o2bal ma nshof gaza3ee6ak, I mean awladak :D

Iman said...

Diana and Ammar, Alf mabrouk. :) yitraba b3izkom ...

Hope you and baby are doing great!

Jundi said...

mabrook :)

Diana said...

Iman and Jundi, thank you, Allah ybarek fekon ya rab :)

Wedad said...

Diana we need PICTURES!
I mean I need pictures. emta nawyeeh teb3ateeeeeli :$

Lilly said...


Diana said...

Weddo, 7ader min 3yoni :D

thanx Lilly! :)

Sam said...

so how is it...update please...how is kareem doing? r u loving being a mother? is kareem a good baby?? we want to know...i guess the little guy is keeping u too busy eh??

Diana said...

Sam, check this out :)