Friday, July 04, 2008

Oh No, Not Again!

I was looking forward to give birth so that I can finally stop feeling hungry every couple of hours and return back to my normal eating habits. It's weird how I should always worry about getting hungry, and take precautions before going out so that my stomach doesn't start growling and I along with my baby start shouting: FEED ME NOW :D

Until I found out just yesterday that the dream of going back to normal eating still has to wait and won't come true anytime soon. Because if a pregnant woman needs to add 300 extra calories to her diet, a breastfeeding woman needs to consume 500 additional calories per day! :S


nido said...

:D While reading I started thinking...she should wait till she starts nursing to see what HUNGRY really means :p

Diana said...

OMG. Allah ybashrek bil khair :D

Dawn said...

But you get back to your pre-pregnancy shape faster with breast feeding that without it.
I hope that's a consolation!!!
I wish I was able to do that but my doctor said no. I hope you'll enjoy the bonding it provides you won't think of what you're eating.

Diana said...

Yes Dawn I know,
I hope so too, thanks!:)