Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Week 38

Two more weeks to go, or three, or maybe more (I hope not).
The doctor said that there are no signs that labor is going to take place anytime soon.
I felt bad, I was kinda disappointed by what she said; and I had abdominal cramps after visiting her. I know I know.. it's not my due date yet and I shouldn't have expected her to say anything else, but I just felt bad. I couldn't stand the pain that's supposed to be mild, to me this is not mild at all, I wonder how is it going to be during delivery, I'm scared already. I told mom that I won't get pregnant again, and I think that I will die during delivery, die of pain, lol. She yelled at me asking me to stop saying nonsense :D
There are times when I just feel sick of being pregnant, bored and tired of waiting...

On a side note,I stopped gaining weight since the beginning of the ninth month. I gained 13 kgs, which is normal and appropriate.


nido said...

Maybe next weeeeeeek!! Ma troddi 3ala 7ada! I was told the same...that it wont happen anytime soon, and I gave birth during my 39th week :D
Just think of delivery as the most natural process that millions of women had to go thru since ever...and inshallah you'll have an easy one:)
t2oomi bilsalameh! plz keep us updated! tamnina 3annik :D
Im soooooo excited for u!! Have I ever said this before :p!??

Diana said...

ya reet next week, hehe
Allah a3lam
I was so excited for u too when you were about to deliver sweet Mariyah! :D
Keep praying for me