Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Scenes (2)

Scene 1
He and his fiancée had just finished their meals. He was thinking about the bill already when he suddenly craved for a dessert. He hesitated for a moment and then asked his fiancée: "hmm, Do you want a dessert or something?" (Please dear God, make her say no, please please).
-"hmm, well.."
-(OMG, is she going to say yes?! I must act quickly) "we can share one you know"
-"Share?! No thanks!"
-"OK good, so you don't want a dessert? I'll order one for myself"
- looking at him in disbelief and anger"Sa7tain!!"

Scene 2
He and his fiancée had just finished their meals.
-"It's time for a dessert, what do you want to have sweetie?"
-"I don't know, what do you suggest?"
-"They have good chocolate cakes here, and I know that you like chocolate cake, what do you think?"
-"OK, let it be chocolate cake then" :)
_"Alright honey"


Anonymous said...

What are we getting to here?
The scenarios are always one good and one bad. *feels shes in an experiment*

Diana said...

just thought of posting some contradicting scenes from life Tooteh, whether I witnessed them myself or been told about.