Saturday, December 05, 2009

What Scares Kareemo

We took Kareem for his "second" haircut yesterday. And for the second time, he cried his eyes out. A boy just his age did a haircut before him and didn't cry at all. He was busy watching barney. Although Kareem LOVES barney and was dancing and enjoying the show while waiting for his turn, he couldn't sit still and all the attempts to distract him and convince him to relax and watch barney went in vain.
Did I mention that the first time I felt that Kareem needs a haircut I did the haircut myself? :D w 3ainkon ma tshoof sho kanat el nateejeh, HILARIOUS :D.. literally zigzag cause he kept moving his head. Yeah, I'm blaming it all on him, 3ala asas I'm a good hairdresser :D bas tab3an 7arramet.

Kareem is also scared of the sound of the vaccum cleaner and of shower heads, he never allows me to give him a bath using a shower, so I use a bucket :S and everytime I try to use the shower head which is more practical and easier to manage he starts screaming and trembling. I don't know what to do about it!


jessyz said...

Hehehe he will grow out of it, my daughter hated the shower head. I got one of those jugs with a plastic rubbery thing so she won't get soap in her eyes, now she enjoys playing and giving herself showers. She's 1 year and 10 months, the change took maybe 4 or 5 months. As for the haircuts, we have yet to give her one, her dad won't hear of it and since she's a girl it's not a problem but I would love to get her bangs straightened out. Hang in there and best of luck.

Diana said...

thanks for stopping by Jessyz :). I hope he grows out of it very soon.
I understand that u haven't given ur daughter a haircut yet since she's a girl and plz don't think of giving her one by urself cause I heard that many mothers couldn't resist the temptation of doing that :D and I was glad to kmow that I'm not the only one who did that to her baby, hehe

jessyz said...

I wouldn't dream of going near her with a pair of scissors she fidgets too much and one of us would end up hurt. My husband doesn't want her to get a haircut at all, keeps saying that girls should have long hair :-). Not a problem I get to play with all the hair clips.

Summer said...

Hi. My name is Summer and I just happened to come across your blog and have enjoyed browsing it. I have two sons and only my oldest one, who is now 6, freaked out during haircuts. But I never attempted to give him one myself because I don't know how to cut hair. He finally outgrew his fear by the time he was probably 2 and a half and now he LOVES getting a cut. Some kids are just more sensitive to stimulus. For example, he also couldn't stand the itchy tags in the back of his shirts, so we had to cut them out. But sensitive kids turn out very bright, you'll see.

Diana said...

Jessyz: good for you, hehe. It was a crazy thing to do, I admit.

Summer: Hi! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment :)
I think it's a matter of time and as you said he'll outgrow it sooner or later. Glad to know that sensitive kids turn out very bright, I hope so, hehe.
thank you again :)