Thursday, June 24, 2010

Khalto Diana

Guess what Kareem is calling me these days.
Khaltoo Dianaaaaaaaaaa, khalto Dianaaaaaaaaaa
He heard his cousins calling me that, so he liked the idea :D
Kareem is almost two years old now.
Am I back to blogging? Well, I hope so but I can't promise. I miss this place so much.


nido said...

Yea:)!! Come back...Khalto :p

NasEr said...


Palestinian Princess said...

Hi ladyD :)

allah ye5aleelek Kareem :)
Kids always have their funny ways to make you smile or sometimes cray :D

while I am reading about your son, I am keeping in my mind my two-years-old-niece eza3ra..

allah yes3edhom el s'3ar :)

Diana said...

Nido, Naser, and PP, thank you for stopping by :)
I told him not to call me khalto Diana and explained why. I said you only call me mama ok?
A few minutes later he started calling: khalto Diana mamaaaa, khalto Diana mamaaaa :D