Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Good Old Blogging Days

Being here feels like visiting a deserted childhood home.. where each room, each corner holds a memory... Puffing the dust off the old posts brings back lots of memories... and with them smiles and sighs... Seems like I used to put much of "me" into this blog. This place was my diary, my space, the "sanctuary" I used to resort to to mumble whatever comes to my mind, as the title of my blog points out.*

I started blogging in December 2005. This blog is five years old? I'm SHOCKED! thanks to my friend Raeef who introduced me to the blogging world. I loved the idea of blogging, of having a space to share one's thoughts , to vent or maybe just ramble or mumble, and to meet great bloggers some of which has became friends.

I think that it was an awesome initiative (taken by Abed andRasha) to bring us, the old bloggers, back together. The idea, to me, was quite motivating and encouraging to get back to blogging after being away for quite a while. I've been wanting to blog for sometime and just needed this push. It, apparently, took me some time eh? :D
*(Speaking about titles, I changed the title of my blog twice before. First it was Tulip, since I was fond of tulips (and still) at the time I started blogging. Then I changed it to Rainbow Drops before someone pointed out that the title suggests that it's a "gays" blog since gays use the rainbow as their symbol. OOoops! I changed the title right away :D)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember that you were the first blogger I found and learned about this virtual world ! I remember I gathered my courage and asked you about how things were in Lebanon because I wasn't able to reach my family..

I hope you are happy with your new life and away from home. Give Karim "oneteen" kisses from me..

Diana said...

Noura ya Noura, I remember those days. I'm glad I got to know you through my blog. Do u facebook, tweet, or anything so that we can get more in touch?

LOL at oneteen kisses :D

Anonymous said...

Amazing how time passes ! I'm glad you're still blogging!

I met great people during the past years, and it's been a pleasant experience :)

Diana said...

thanks again Abed for the encouragement :)