Monday, February 07, 2011

When the Arabs come out of Hibernation

Our eyes have been directed with anxiety and hope towards Egypt for the past days, like they were directed towards Tunis before. Being proud of what the guys are doing over there is something beyond description. We've never thought that a day will come for us to witness something like this happening in an Arab country to make us feel "proud" of being "Arabs". We've always looked at ourselves as failures, not able to do anything useful for our nations and countries, not able to make any good change whatsoever, simply because we are afraid of saying NO . Now after decades of living under tyranny, oppression and injustice, "the youth" have finally decided that it's time for a CHANGE, a big one! And this time it's for them, the youth, to choose how and in what way this change is going to happen. It's up to them now to choose the lives they want to lead, the way they want to be treated, as humans that is, to break the chains they've been bound in forever. It's about time to smell liberty and fill their lungs with the breath of freedom!

We stood up for this revolution, we embraced it. It was like, deep inside, we've been longing for such a thing to happen since a long time. It's like, these guys, at Tahrir Square are speaking the mind of each one of us. They are representing us, and we are supporting them with all our mights, with our hearts, and prayers, trying our best to back them up against dictatorship, if not by being with them, which is something that many of us sincerely wish they can do, then through the internet and the social networks that are, undoubtedly, playing an important role in this glorious revolution. 

Bouazizi was the sparkle that triggered the revolution in Tunis, that spread afterward to other countries, mainly Egypt. While the Tunisian revolution ended up with the fleeing of the dictator to Saudi Arabia, the Egyptian Pharaoh, who has led Egypt for 30 years, will stay until September. Turning a deaf ear to the voices of his people and his allies that are asking him to step down, Mubarak is determined not to quit, causing more chaos and more bloodshed. More than 300 killed, thousands injured, hundreds captivated and tortured since the beginning of this revolution on the 25 of January 2011, revealing to the word the indescribable brutality of this corrupt regime.The regime that payed its thugs to attack and kill its own people who are there merely asking for their simplest rights in the most peaceful and civilized manner.

Despite all that, the Egyptian people, young and old, men and women, Muslims and Christians, stand united in the face of tyranny, fighting all attempts to kill their revolution, just to make us more proud. 

Tunisians and the Egyptians have taught the dictators a big lesson, we need more honorable and brave people like these so that all the corrupt regimes in our countries collapse one after another.


A Dizzy Mind said...

We all envy them, but what warms our hearts is that they have broken the barrier of fear living within our souls, and they have taught us the meaning of solidarity.
I hope that this will mark a beginning of a new age; where we will be the free world and the rest of the world will stand in astonishment how we have built such great nations in a smirk of time. It is the turn of the tides.
Well spoken;
Thank you

Diana said...

I totally agree with you Abu Sarah, amen to that.
thank you for stopping by :)

A Dizzy Mind said...

Most welcome :)

I seems you know me :)

Diana said...

I just happen to read your wife's blog every now and then. MashAllah you have a great family :)

A Dizzy Mind said...

Thank you :)