Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Evil Me

Each time I see my lovely new phone lying there in the darkness, sad and lonely...I feel very guilty :(

I committed a crime, I killed the poor phone after I dropped it on the stairs. The many attempts to save its life went in vain, and it didn't take long before it gasped its last breath and died.

I don't remember that I've ever spared any phone I had from a drop or two, but this one was too sensitive and it was dropped dead right away. minno el 3awad w 3aleeh el 3awad.


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

aha ithought i was the only one!
ana dropping the phone is A MUST! i was considering wearing it as a necklace!! :P

WA7chani lady don don :hug:

a7la ishi lama atla3 min il sayaraw aykon kan on my lap yuwa2a3 lol

Abed. Hamdan said...


I change my phone bas eybattel ye7ki

Dar said...

El ba2ieh be 7ayatek !


Weddo said...

LOL :@ I like this model :mad:

el ba2eyyeh be7ayato sa7ee7 :$
ana jdeed sayreh daiman awa23o :( Allah yostor :D

SimSim said...

yeeeeeeeeeee :( 3ad 7eloooo ... ana dayman zay ma beseer ma3 dinos bekoon in my lap bas anzal men elsayaraa :D

yalla fadakee ya 3asal :hug:

Ammar said...

mojremeh :p

Nana said...

So, I'm not the only one! :$
good idea Dina, I was thinking of wearing it as a bracelet as well :D

abed, I got a new one, sho bady a3mel :(

Dar 7ayatak el ba2yeh, shakar Allah sa3yakom :D

Weddo entebhy! I like it too :(, actually I love it, that's why it saddens me to lose it :(

SimSim, shayfeh? waaaa3, ma t.hanait feeh!

Ammar, balash adeefak 3ala my victims list halla2 :@ :p