Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Still suffering the consequences of war...
This may sound silly, however I find it annoying. Going to the supermarket and find that nothing on my shopping list is available disturbs me big time. Haven't they started importing yet?!!!!
Why me, why the products I use? No milk, no soup, no shower gel, no chocolate, no kinder country,no galaxy, no galaxy jewels, no cappuccino, no and no and no.....Nothing!


Weddo said...

God helps you

Insha'Allah soon kolshi berja3 la 6abee3to :hug:

SimSim said...

:hagayeeh: .... allah befrejhaa

Nana said...

7abebaty weddo and simsim, thank u lel da3m el ma3nawy :D
love you both.

Nana said...

tayeb abeesh hek 7abbet galaxy teb3atoly yaha 7azeeneh :( :p

R said...

you will stand up eventually , lebanon is Strong..all you need is time.
allah befrejha 3alaikom in sha allah 3amma qareeb.

i only have "ras abu el 3abd"? bewafii ma3ik?? :P

Nana said...

inshallah Ranoosh. Allah Kareem :)
ras el 3abed? hada elle 6ele3 ma3ek :@ :P