Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A laptop for every Libyan pupil

This is interesting.

Libya has reached an agreement with an American nonprofit group to provide inexpensive laptop computers for all of the nation's 1.2 million schoolchildren.

With the project scheduled to be completed by June 2008, Libya could become the first nation in which all school-age children are connected to the Internet through educational computers, Nicholas Negroponte, chairman of the One Laptop per Child project, told the The New York Times on Wednesday.

The $250 million deal, reached on Tuesday, would provide the nation with 1.2 million computers, a server in each school, a team of technical advisers, satellite internet service and other infrastructure.

The One Laptop per Child project, which has the support of the United Nations Development Programme, aims to provide laptops to school-aged children worldwide for about $100 each. It has reached tentative purchase agreements with Argentina, Brazil, Nigeria and Thailand.

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I want a laptop tooo :'(. But not like the green one above, it's ugly! :p


alibaabaa said...

you know why it is green, right? because everything is green there, including the famous book!

Dar said...

This green is supposed to be for children so they can enjoy it , i will make sure they make one just for u ! wat colors do u want !


Nana said...

Ali Baba, la2 why? is it because they love mlokheyeh and drink it in the morning like u do? ;) :p

You're definitely right, everything has to be green.

I want it white mna2a6 pink w 3aleeh 2loob 7amra :D

Weddo said...

LOL ya 3am

good for them :D

Nana I guess it should be blue with yellow stars :-o:

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

u have been tajjjed by moi


Dar said...

Lool , white o mna2at that sounds coool , bs lazem el 2loob ya3ni ! h3


Nana said...

Weddo why? inspired by Ramadan ya3ny? :D. blue with yellow stars must look cool bardo.

Dina, ta3y la hon wain harbaneh :wa7ad 7amel GanwAh:
thanks for taJJJing me :D, I'll answer soon inshAllah.

Dar ah lazem, love is in the air u know ;):p

Abed. Hamdan said...

Libya ??

Al Ghathaaafi ??

Is is possible ???

I doubt so...unless they are free, now It's possible sa7 !

Nana said...

Abed, you did not read the article carefully :D. The laptops are inexpensive, true, but it is a $250 million deal.

Abed. Hamdan said...

I've read that they are cheap,

but I can't beleive that AL-Ghathafi would pay single for his people,

he's been robbing the country for ages, halla2 rekbato el wataneyye ? :)

Nana said...

LOL Abed, shaklo 2albak malyan 3aleeh
well, it's kinda unbelievable, ur right, but no one can know what goes on his mind, if u know what i mean ;) :D